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Cleo and Maggie are both animal shelter rescues. Both were friendly and well socialized when I got them. Lola was found in a carrier, on the doorstep of my vet's office, when they opened one morning. She was also very friendly.

Spooky was my true feral. She was the only surviving kitten, of a litter of three, born to a gorgeous, feral momma cat that lived in the garage of a house I was renting. One snowy January afternoon, I went to feed the cats, and found her laying in a snowbank, unmoving. I picked her up to bring her into the house, and she bit me - right through my thumbnail! I immediately took her to my vet, because she was frostbitten and wheezing. He told me that judging by her teeth, she was about 6 months old, but she had the weight and development of an 8 week old kitten. She also had a very bad upper respiratory infection, as well as frost bitten ears and paw pads. He shook his head, and told me not to get my hopes up.

I kept her with me everywhere I went, keeping her warm, and feeding her with an eyedropper. We bonded so close. I've never felt as close to another animal or human, as I was to her. She was truely my soulmate.

Gotta go now...I'm crying too much to finish...
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Freya was stray, but definately not feral.
Cotton was found living in a feral colony, but I don't know that I would have classified him as feral...maybe semi-feral at his most frightenned.
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Sometimes I think Chester could have been born a feral. I adopted him from a shelter but he is not like any cats I have known.

He did grow up in a home. On the information sheet that came with him the person who left him there states that she adopted him he was 6 weeks old from "neighborhood kittens".

Chester is very shy, avoids people, is easily scared and does not like to be handled at all.

At first I thought he was just not socialized very well in his first home. But who knows? The "neighborhood kittens" could have been feral.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Gotta go now...I'm crying too much to finish...
I have some special kitties I miss, too. I know it hurts that they're gone, but our lives and theirs were so much richer for the time spent together.

Getting bit as a first greeting is a pretty good sign you might have a feral cat.

Maybe a good discussion sometime on what makes a feral, a semi-feral, stray, and just a spooked kitty would be a good thing?

I notice some confusing spooked and under socialized kitties as ferals.

I have one, Tomas, that I found as a 10week out kitten outside. Very cuddly and needed a momma. He's not well socialized, and that's mostly my fault. He's far from feral but he growls at strangers and bit a vet tech. Now whenever he has to go to the vet he turns into a growling, hissing, tense mess. He growls if strangers are outside my home, growls if company he doesn't know are inside the home. The difference with him is that given a few hours he can accept and actually shows interest in other people. If any of you were in my home visiting for a while he'd eventually wander out and inspect the scents on you from head to toe.
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Love this thread!...
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