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Question of the Day - October 16th - Friday

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I was reminded that today is National Feral Cat Day and could our question of the day be based on this special day.

So Thanks to Alex/c1atsite for the question of the day.

Originally Posted by c1atsite
Which of your cats was a feral kitten/cat?

Mocha and Mia were both found outside. I'm not sure I would have considered either one of them feral kittens though. They fall more under the "stray" category.
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Trout was not a feral...unfortunately I got her from a pet store.
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Hister and Chance were probably true ferals. I can now pet them and do the belly thing sometimes. They are sweet natured, if a bit skittish at times. But thats ok. I give them a warm house and food and love. They do not have to be lap cats for me to love them.
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None of my current cats are ferals, though I do have one sort of semi feral if he counts. I can pick him up, carry him around, and kiss on him. DH can pet him, and that's it.

The rest of the cats were strays.

And there's the three feral kittens. Who are still so untrusting that none of them would take a bite of roast from me earlier. I got an angry glare from one of the girls for even suggesting it.
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My baby boy Jack is semi feral
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Larry was a feral, born on the streets of Brooklyn, rescued by a group in Brooklyn, and my first attempt at fostering. The fostering failed within a week, when I decided I had to keep him. He's the biggest mushbug in the world. I've had him for almost two years.

I wonder, sometimes, as he's sitting in the window, staring down at the street, if he even remembers, in his little kitty brain, hiding under cars, eating food brought by the group, living on the streets.

I'm so lucky to have him.
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neither of my two were feral my mams wasnt either
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I'm not sure if Jupey was feral but Emmy definitely was and I was the one who tamed her. She's now very friendly although isn't much of a lap cat. She does curl up next to us and has been known to get into bed with me, she purrs the loudest and when she's happy, her tail gets bushy!
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Xander wasn't feral, although he was a stray and his initial paperwork says "feral" on it because of the way he acted in the trap apparently. He's the biggest lovebug I've ever had

Riley was found in a dumpster at 3 weeks old, so I don't know if he came from a feral mom or was just a "throw-away" litter. He is very antisocial though and jumpy so I'm not sure he was properly socialized as a kitten, even though he was bottle-fed
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None of mine were truly feral as far as I know.

Thufir is probably the closest. He was born in the woods outside my ex-girlfriend's sister's house. They had a fairly big group of semi-wild cats there that they fed regularly. While he was still a kitten, he got mauled by dogs and barely survived. The sister nursed him back to health and as a result, he's always loved people. The only scar he still has from the incident is a missing tip of his tail, but it's so fluffy you have to know to look for it.

Promise I found out in the alley behind my house as a 5 week old kitten. I never saw any sign of the mother, so I don't know if she was feral. She bonded with me immediately as if she was her mother, so she was too young to be feral even if the mother was.

Tiny and Tré both came from a shelter. I got Tiny as a kitten born in the shelter. I think her mother was just an abandoned pet. Tré was adopted from a shelter at about 4 years old, but I suspect he was just abandoned. He bonds easily with people and I can't imagine he was ever feral.
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my little tilly bean was a feral kitten. Born and found under a porch. the whole litter was bought to the vet but only Tilly ended up being sweet enough to adopt out. I heard that the rest of the litter was edvenutally adopted but they spent more time in the vets office then Tilly.

I am so lucky to have her...she is a sweetie but still has an attitude and only likes me. But I am so grateful to have her since she has a thyroid problem and lost a lot of weight until we got her on the correct meds. I can only imagine what would have happened to her if she wasn't rescued and it breaks my heart just thinking about it. (right now she is using all her fierce hunting skills to attack the food dish )
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I'm not sure of the exact definition of 'feral'; I've always said most of our cats over the years were strays. Since the question was asked, I'm gonna go down the list.

Tucker-came from the pound (we didn't call them shelters 35 years ago and tust me, it was a pound)
Puddin"-pet store
Ms. Willie-DH found her under a pallet of beans at work
Clancey-DH found him under a dumpster at work
Tom-pet store
Mickey-found him on the porch on Halloween
Lucy-I found her rooting thru a garbage can outside a grocery store
Sophie-caught a neighbor trying to 'throw her away' in the alley; he said he'd found her in his basement
Winston-we picked him up off the highway one night; he was a mess and we figured someone tossed him from a car
Belle-was wearing a collar & tag when I found her; tried to find her owner, but no one ever claimed her
Bob-a kitten that the neighborhood kids brought to me
Hannah-an 8 year old (also wearing a collar) that no one ever claimed
Jack-his people moved away and left him behind; he roamed the neighborhood for almost a year before I took him in
Rufus-brought to our house by another cat that I'd taken care of for years; when we brought him inside the original cat never came back again
Katie-he people had her spayed then moved away and left her behind
Charlotte and Bridget-my sisters; were given to us by one of DH's co-workers
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...Love the question of today!...

Catulina is Feral!... she was taken from the streets.......
Horatio was droped in my Garden...

BUT I´m super proud of boths!.. they came to full of love our home!...
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Neither of mine are true ferals, but strays.
Pushkin- was found wandering alone on a farm as a little kitten.
Wiggies - we got from a rescue group. He was found wandering a Burger King carpark as a tiny kitten.
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Nacho and Logan were born to the same momma cat, who was feral (I think they were a litter of 3 or 4) and had limited socialization before being adopted by my boyfriend and I at 12 weeks old. One of the local cat rescues here TNR'd the momma cat, and the kittens were placed in foster homes and put up for adoption. I believe the foster family who had my two did not spend enough time with them; but now they get nothing but from us.

Nacho is a complete love bug and always hops onto the cat tree anytime I walk by (he loves scritches!) . Logan is loving on his terms only but has bonded with my boyfriend.
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I've never had a feral cat.

Bean Bean came from the shelter.
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Both of mine were at the least strays. Both came from a shelter/rescue. JoJo behaved as though feral, still does to some degree. she was at the shelter from 6 months to 11 months when I walked in and found her there, in a large open cat room with 40+ cats roaming free. She was scrawny and very very skittish. still doesn't like any other human but me. it took me a year to get her where she could sit on my lap and not bolt if I so much as wiggled a toe. She resisted being picked up until about a year and a half ago. Now she lets me, at 7 1/2 years old. it's taken a very long time to get her to this point... I would clasify her as semi-feral.

Jack was a stray, I believe. was picked up by the rescue at 6 months, neutered and within three weeks of his arrival, I found my way to him and took him home that day... he's my mischief maker. But he's a little more social.
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5 of our 7 were feral. Most came from my dads work out in the water treatment plant.
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I'm not sure about Katie, since she was found alone as a tiny kitten, with no mama cat around, and was pretty tame. Gracie was born to a feral mom, but trapped at 6-weeks and was easy to socialize. Peter, Claire and their littermates were trapped at 3 1/2 to 4 months old, and took longer to come around. They were bunch of hissy, growly babies when I first came across them. Peter is a very sweet boy now, but doesn't like to be picked up or held. He frightens easily and new people and situations are very stressful for him. Claire's shy too, but warms up to strangers more quickly than her brother and often lets me hold her.
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JinJin was a very pregnant wall climbing, shower head swinging feral! A friend and I trapped her when a coworker told us about her. Now, four years later, she a fat, happy girl...too fat in fact. Considering how bad her teeth were, and the infection she had in them, I doubt she would have made it through the winter with those five babies she had (in my bathroom).
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None of mine were, but Maggie would have been. Her mother was feral and was brought to the shelter the day before giving birth. Maggie was born at the shelter and handled from day one, but if it were not for the person who rescued Peaches, Maggie would have been feral. The really good news is that her mom Peaches became a friendly cat & has since been adopted.
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Skinny is semi-feral and I seldom see him unless the weather is foul. He is tame enough to eat while I am nearby, and yells for his supper when I go do evening chores and sometimes rubs against me and allows a pat or two. Gimpy is truly feral - he won't eat until I am well away from the feeding station and if I get too close, he goes off until I am out of his idea of safe. The rest of the barn cats range from kinda tame and allow petting on their terms to PITA when I am out there and some live at the house when weather is fit. Of those that beg lots of attention, 2 ride in the tractor with me, and a third jumps in for attention once the motor is shut off.
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penny's parents were feral from what i was told. she was a field kitten for at least 4 weeks. i was given no history on daisy, other than she was the shyest out of a litter of 8 (or was it 7?). i guess her mom was a stray
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Cindy and Fawn are the orphans of a semi-feral Mom who was killed by a car, near my SILs place. They were rescued at about 5 weeks by someone who couldn't keep them, but M directed her to a friend of my MIL who does rescue, and V took them in, socialized them and when the time was right found them a furrever home -- us. They are wonderfully social with us, take lots of cuddling, etc, but are shy or absent when others are around, run for the basement when they hear the door, and still spook at unfamiliar sounds to a larger extent than previous kitties have.
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Thank you for making this the question of the day!

As we had no intention of getting a pet of any kind, the only reason we have cats is that we ended up getting involved in rescuing them. They adopted us.

6 of ours are direct feral rescues, rescued from outside, by us.

Ming Loy? We don't know. She and her sister were found by a garbage man. They were tied up in a bag and thrown out in the trash. He rescued them, brought them to the county shelter. They were both cerebral hypoplasia kitties (scarred brain tissue resulting in pretty severe physical handicap). This is caused by a mom becoming very ill during pregnancy. We often took kitties on the euthanasia list out of their hands, either directly by Gary and me or into the no-kill shelter we co-founded. They called and gave us exactly two hours to get over there and get them. So we high-tailed it over there and got them. One of the vet techs that attended to their care adopted Ming Loy's sister.
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Very good question for today.....

Sassy was never feral, his Mom was a much loved family pet that should have been spaded earlier and was shortly after her first accidental litter. I adopted him and one of his litter mates, Flip whom I lost to kidney failure a couple of years ago..

Linus spent the first year of his life in the Animal Shelter. He was one of a litter that was dropped off because they weren't wanted..

Pixie although not a feral was very badly abused by previous owner and ended up at the Shelter after being seized in a case of animal cruelty. At the time she was brought in she had a broken front leg and several other injuries. There was some debate at that point whether she should be put down or not but they decided to give her a chance because she is a sweet little cat.
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Gals & Guys Love all your answers!......
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All three Lucky I found on the lawn a few hours old
Gus I stole from his feral Momma
Momma is Gus's Mom
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Every single cat in my household was born feral. You couldn't tell now that they were born that way. Sure, some of them are still shy with strangers, but that is no different than many cats born in "normal" environments.

Stumpy: found in a storm cellar with his tail half chopped off. Rescued at 5 weeks old.

Eightball: found in the rafters of my garage. Handled the kittens until they were weaned then brought them inside at 6 weeks (brother is OTB and sister was adopted).

Bob: found in a box in my garage at about 6 weeks old.

Pinky: feral mom wandered up to our house trailed by a couple of very wild kittens. Pinky's brother Ruby (OTB) got entangled in a clematis vine and bit me when I tried to untangle him. Both came inside as part of the rabies quarantine at about 4 months old.

Scarlett: was orphaned at 20 days old when her feral mom just disappeared one day. Her 2 siblings were adopted out once old enough. This was our first bottle feeding experience.

Muddy and Koko: were orphaned at 10 days old when their feral mom killed by a roaming dog. Their 2 brothers were adopted out at 5 weeks to a friend who wanted a stronger bond with them through bottle feeding.

Lucky Pierre: mom brought him and 3 siblings out of the woods a few hours before a tornado struck. His mom and siblings all had FeLV and Lucky was fortunate to live thru a tornado and FeLV at an early age.

Spanky and Oscar: they may not have been actually born feral, but I strongly suspect Oscar was. They were part of a trio of kittens (different ages) that were dumped on my doorstep one day. I suspect someone was cleaning out their barn. Spanky was about 8 weeks old and Oscar about 4 weeks old when I discovered them. The third kitten was about 12 weeks old and was adopted out.

Since there isn't a feral dog day that I'm aware of, I would like to add that 2 of my dogs, Sam and Spike, were born to a feral mom also. She was on the streets having puppies for at least 3 years when the local humane society was finally able to dart gun sedate her and rescue her and the 11 puppies from that litter.
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