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Time for a vacuum??

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Hubby was vacuuming our cats favorite hang-out and Bitty decided he wanted in on the action. It's like his own private kitty spa.

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That's awesome!

Can you have Bitty tell my Genever that the vacuum is not an evil scary monster? She runs and hides as soon as i take it out of the closet.. And I feel bad if I start the vacuum but she went to hide in a corner instead of in another room, it's like i trapped her. So I usually will turn it off and let her run by and out of the room, then start up again..
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My Chynna loves to get vacuumed too! I see you have one of those turbo upholstery tools! I have one too and Chynna absolutely loves it!!!
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That's awesome!
We used to have one of those turbo upholstery things too and Freya used to attack it like a fiend. I have no idea why. My two really don't care for the vacuum and tend to disappear the moment it comes out.
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I love that "Hey! You're not done yet!" look he gets at the end.
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Just the sound from that clip was enough to send Chester into hiding.

He likes to be brushed but he would never let me do that.
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How cute!

The first time I turned on our vaccuum around the girls the one ran so fast towards the wall she went head first! I felt bad!
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Oh my goodness! Bitty is so chilled with the whole thing. Excellent!
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That is great!

My boys run when the vacuum comes out.
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We've vacuumed Bitty since he was about 1 year old. His brother, Swat, will have nothing to do with it. He will run to the complete opposite end of the house just to get away.
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Dang, your cats have such personality! LOL...he seems to love being vacuumed.

My cats outdo all of the others who run at the sight of the vacuum. I always put the coffee table up on the loveseat and take all the cat toys (scratching posts, tunnel) on top whenever I'm preparing to vacuum. As soon as they see the coffee table go up on the couch, my cats are gone into hiding! I felt bad the one time I put all the stuff up in preparation and then had to wait an hour to actually vacuum! They had to hide for quite a while!
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That is the best video, your cat is super cat for liking the vacuum. My two get the big bug eyes and high tail it to the other room.
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