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I’ve recently posted about Boo’s possible Feline Hyperesthesia which now appears her hissing/growling at her hindquarters is from hip dysplasia pain.

Two days ago xrays were taken along with bloodwork sent to a lab. The films indicated the dysplasia so a script for Prednisone was given. After only three doses of the Pred she seemed better with only a brief hiss/growl last night after jumping off the bed. So I’m thinking we have this thing licked (pun intended).

Here is the new issue. I got a call today from the assistant with the bloodwork results. Not good. I’m stopping at the vet’s on the way home from work for a better explanation directly from the DVM. Basically her cholesterol is elevated (can’t remember the number) and one of her liver readings was over 1000 (again, can’t remember but will be talking to the DVM later … he was out when the initial results call was made to me). The thing is she is eating, drinking, pooping & peeing normally. There’s no yellow cast to her skin or eyes that I’ve noticed. Last time she vomited was probably 2 months ago and was a hairball.

I guess I’m dumbfounded that if there are liver problems she would not have an appetite, etc. Could any of the following jacked her liver functions off the chart?

1)\tWhen the hissing/growling at the hindquarters started I thought it was fleas even though she is an indoor cat. I gave her a cat-specific flea pill (Capstar) 2 ½ weeks ago.
2)\tFor 10+ years she has been a dry cat food cat but thinking bad food or an allergy I switched to Eukanuba then eventually Wellness canned. Both appeared to be healthier than the Purina and she liked them. Could these have screwed up her cholesterol and liver?
3)\tPrevious vet visit 1 ½ weeks ago resulted in a 7 day antibiotic/pain killer combo script which was given to completion.

I was told to stop the prednisone which seemed to be alleviating her hip pain. I’ll update once I talk to the vet.