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What is wrong with this kitten?

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I've gotten enough opinions, and have made video private again. Thank you, and this thread can be deleted if allowed.
Thank you all for your help.
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My first bet would be cerebellar hypoplasia. Look it up. It's not uncommon. It's caused by the mother cat being sick (I think with distemper, but don't quote me on that) and that causes improper brain development. If that's the case, there is a wide range of severity. Look it up on youtube; there are a lot of CH videos. Those cats can often live very normal lives, if kept indoors.

Of course, that kitten is very young, and some unsteadiness at that age is very normal.

A few videos. Be sure the watch the last one, especially:



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It could also be wobbly kitten syndrome or exposure to distemper.Distemper is a nasty beast but kittens can survive it, however it leaves health issues behind. I have two survivors of distemper from last year and they both have issues which is why we are keeping them and not sending them to other homes. However, the kitten in this video has some severe issues which will impact his quality of life.
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Hm, "The pet may show what is called the “setting sun†sign, which means the eyes are directed downwards and possibly outwards." that's his eyes, clearly...but I'm not sure about the domed skull thing, will send this info to his owner. I hope it's not this though, the other thing suggested sounded more promising for a healthy life for him. :-\\
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