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Just About Misses the Litter Box

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Hi everyone, I wonder if someone can give me some advice.

Little Indie is only 7 weeks old but is litter trained. The only time he did not go in the litter tray at all is when I moved it near the room door (I was trying to move it into a different room but he wasn't having any of it). I put it somewhere more private and things are fine except for the fact he keeps missing. He knows where the litter tray is and does try and use it but seems to go half in half out. Some of it ends up in the tray, the rest is trailing down the side and outside on the floor.
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Was he missing before you moved his litter tray? It's just that he could have adjusted to his new surroundings and was just getting the hang of things and felt secure to do his business in the original location. There could be something wrong with the new location. Some cats like their litter tray somewhere private and others somewhere where they can see what is going on around them in case they need a quick escape.

He could need two litter trays. Some cats prefer to pee in one and poop in another.

Perhaps it's the litter that is being used. He may not like the feel of it under his paws and does his best to avoid it resulting in missing the litter box. Have you seen him try to reduce his contact with the litter as much as possible?

I'm not sure what the size of your litter tray is but perhaps it's too small?

Is he missing with just pooping or is he missing with peeing as well? Or is it both?
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Well, the litter tray is large enough as he is only 7 weeks old! He is peeing in it fine, I am just wondering whether he cannot hold his poop in and lets go as soon as he has one foot in. I try to watch him but he won't go when he is being watched.
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Has he been to the vet? That would be the first thing I would check with him. How high are the sides of the litterpan? For small kittens, I always cut a door in the side of a pan, and although some litter gets on the floor, the kittens seem to appreciate the fact that they don't have to leap over the side to do their business.
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I took him to the vet the day after he came to live with me. He had a little bit of a runny eye and we got some drops for that. He also got deflead and some stuff to put in his food for ringworm.

I don't think the height is a problem he jumps all over the place you should see him , plus he pees in it allright. I am goign to watch him over the next few days and see what happens. It might be he needs a second tray, I don't know.
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Well, the little darling made me smile again today. He has been using his box just fine which is great but today he pooped in a plant I have about a metre away from his box. At least he didn't do it on the carpet eh? By the time I noticed the deed was done but he looked so cute perched on the plant. Soon he will be too big to fit on it but in the meantime I have moved it.
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