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Thursday MEOW Trivia!...=)

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Good .... this is a good one!...

Which two of of the following are NOT actual names of the Principal cast in the broadway production of CATS?

A. Griddlebone and Grizabella
B. Macavity and Mr. Mistoffelees
C. Chitchat Kitcat and Pearlicious Delicious
D. Jellylorum and Jennyanydots

The answer is here dear member and NOTE that is valid only for today, tomorrow will be another question and another answer... and PLEASE Help us here with a simply CLICK!..
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I tried, feed some kittys and tail waggers.
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I got both right.
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Really emberassed I though "perlicious delicious" might be a real character...

At least I got the puppies right
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I got both right.
Food for the kitties and puppies!
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Cool participation!.-..
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Aw that was an easy one!

Probably helps that I've seen the (traveling) off-Broadway show twice, was completely obsessed with the score (I made my mother play various songs on the piano when we got the music so I could sing it more times than either of us could count!), and read the T.S. Eliot Book of Practical Cats a couple times too.
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