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Owned By Indie

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Hello everyone

I am really glad to have stumbled upon this site. For the first time in my life I am owned by a feline who sometimes goes by the name of Indie. He is just 7 weeks old and we have been living together for a week. Already, Indie has found out how to wrap me, my boyfriend and all my friends around his little finger.
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Congratulations on being owned and welcome to the site.
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Thanks! I'm feeling at home already there is a great sense of community here. It also helps it is a VBulletin site as I practically live in these things!
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Welcome to the site! What color is little Indie? We would love to see pictures, if you have any to spare.

It doesn't take those little furrballs long to get everyone wrapped around their little paws. LOL I am completely wrapped around my two's paws, and they know it.
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Welcome to you and Indie! Yes, Pictures would be awesome! This IS a great place. Very comfy and safe!


Tammie, Mommy of Peaches
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Thanks for all the welcoming replies! Yes I have been snapping away with my digital camera, they grow so fast don't they? I swear he is much bigger than a week ago, and his eyes have changed color. I cannot seem to get my camera to talk to my desktop but my wonderful new laptop is arriving this week so I will download them then.

Indie is moslty black with white shoes on all four legs and a white patch underneath his neck. He also has a white bindi!
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Welcome to your and Indie to TCS. We love to see new people come and post.
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Hi Alcmene! Welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy your time here. And I too would love to see pictures of Indie.
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I'm going to have to build him a website now aren't I?

Indie nearly got called Spike except my old laptop was called that and I didn't want two in the house!
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Well, a website for your cat couldn't hurt!

I'm in the middle of making a new one for Spike. I'm hoping it's done for the 1st or 2nd week of July. Don't worry, I'll post about it when it's up!

Obviously, I'm a fan of the name Spike, but Indie is more original. At least I've never known a cat named Indie before.
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A bindi?
I saw a labrador once with a bindi...
it looked so sweeeeet...

Is there any particular reason you let him wear one?
I'd love to know....
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Ha ha it's not a real one. He just has a white mark which looks like a bindi.
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Welcome aboard....We want to see pictues of Indie.
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Hello, and welcome!

Smiles and Cheers!
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What a cute name! May I ask where you got her from , 7 weeks old is awfully young.

Welcome!!!. Sam
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He is named after Indiana Jones because he is an explorer.
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I have to ask. What is a bindi?
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Hello I am owned by Zoey.. lol.
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Originally posted by jmvito
I have to ask. What is a bindi?
It's those spots that Indian people wear on their forheads to signify fertility I believe.
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