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Cleo the cute toy culprit

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I keep most of my kitties' toys in a basket in the living room, always leaving an assortment scattered around the apartment and rotating them periodically. The past few days I've come home from work to find the basket pretty much empty and toys everywhere. Mine have never done this before, so I suspected it was my little foster kitty, 7-month-old Cleo. Sure enough, this morning I caught Cleo making several trips between the living room and spare bedroom, carrying a different toy each time. She's so cute!
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Can't leave a toy unplayed with.
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Oh that is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mine do that too. I love especially waking up to find the toys taken from the basket and put next to my bed by my head. " Wake up Meowmy and play with us!"

Cleo is adorable! She is such a petite little munchkin!
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A kitten's gotta do what a kitten's gotta do...and that kitten needs to play with lots and lots of toys!

Cleo is such a little doll!
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LOL! Rosalie carries her toys to me. The first time I gave her a toy I threw it off the bed to her, she ran, caught it, put it in her mouth then climbed up the bed and handed it to me! Who said cats don't play fetch
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