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Problem with KMR Formula - PetAg is replacing

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Please see this link


for the company's KMR Powder Update.

I just found out about this via a warning posted by a member of my board, who said she'd just heard about this on Twitter, where she found this link to a wildlife rescue page.


I did some quick googling and turned up a message on the Pets group at Democratic Underground quoting an email they said was being sent out by a cat rescue group in Massachusetts, to other rescues, about a problem with the formula:


I want to add that I've bought KMR for more than 20 years for kittens I've rescued/adopted, and they all did well on it. I've always recommended it as a very good product. So I'm very sorry to hear they are having problems with it now, and I hope this won't happen again. Some of what I read suggested the problem has gone on for some time.

I did have some trouble with the canned formula -- not the dry powder -- smelling off about a year ago, when I was buying a lot of that for a rescued feral kitten. A couple of the cans turned bad, smelling sour, in about a day instead of three days. I called the company to complain and they sent me replacement cans, which were fine. I do not know whether this was due to the same problem causing the current need to replace some cans of the dry formula. The cans of KMR that I found turned sour too quickly had smelled fine when I opened them, and most of the cans were fine and lasted as long as they were supposed to. My kitten was not at all interested in the dry formula when I tried using some of that as a supplement later after he was on a diet of canned food and kitten chow, but the other kittens I'd raised had also always preferred the canned KMR to the dry powder.
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Thank you for sharing this. I currently have a container of the dry - though it looks like a slightly older batch than mentioned on a couple of sites. It has that typical sweet KMR smell. Mine have been eating some with their food for a week now.

The information abut the Esbilac is disturbing.
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