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Baby Kitty

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You were only a little over a week old, I felt like we really bonded and you were doing so well. Even the vet said you were doing good. I just don't know what happened. Baby ...I was ur mama for a week..and I held, kissed and loved you until ur last breath. I will miss you sweet baby girl. I look at ur grave in the back yard and feel so bad, I bought you a little cross that says love and peace. It holds a little candle that has been burning all night.
Rest in Peace my sweetie..ur Mama misses you .......

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Aww..I'm sorry. Because of you the tiny baby knew human love....and is grieved for by you and us here.

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Poor little one.
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I know your pain - I just buried a litter of 6 last week
Mickey was doing so well - he made it almost a week Play happily over RB, little ones
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Rest in Peace Little One.
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RIP to the little one.......
I´m so sorry about....
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Oh my goodness, what a sweet angel

All the cats from TCS at the bridge will make sure the baby is well looked after

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Rip well little baby kitty.....

That baby girl was lucky to have you you her.
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