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Daily Thread Thurs Oct 15th

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Well, Trout is on my lap purring away...there is no a better way to start the day in my opinion. I haven't clipped her nails in a while though and she is digging them into my knee Ow!

Its -2 degrees right now and I am not looking forward to going outside

Off to work in a bit, and then going to try and hit the gym tonight.

You all have a good one!
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Beeba and I wake up the same way. Only at 3 am! We sit in the dark, me with my coffee and him on my lap on the couch and solve the worlds problems. 34 degrees here. Lots of leaves down overnight plus a frost. Just working around the house and yard trying to get things settled for winter. I have to get the grandkids off the bus later at their house. What would the world do without grandparents? Have a great day everyone!
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Half way through the day here and the sun is shining, a beautifull day but quite a frost in the night temp got down to -1c first really cold night. We are cutting the maiz today so there are tractors and combines everywhere, got cookie kitten locked in nice and safe, in fact he is on my lap at the moment purring away.
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Didn't sleep too good because Josh's brother is in town and they were up until 3 AM talking and caring on. I know he only sees him about once a year...but jeez! The kitties were not so happy about the kink in their routine either. However, I did wake to find Harvey AND Danny had decided to join him on the couch, .

Anyway. Off to work all day and then home to laze around!

Have a great day all!!!!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very cold here this morning.

Have several appointments to deal with today, so have to get another early start.

Didn't sleep well last night at all and have a very stiff neck this morning to prove it.

The kitties actually wanted none of it and all went back to bed.
Lucky kitties.

Everyone have a great day .
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Woke up to a cat-convention on my bed this morning!! M.K., Tasha & Peaches all hanging out on the end of the bed.

I was trying to move Mango downstairs where it is a little warmer & he can play in the living room all day (he's lonely ) but my son has decided the new kitten pen is a GREAT toy! So I'm letting him explore until he gets bored, which means Mango (all tired out from running around the living room) is sleeping in my lap . Mango is doing GREAT!!! He's very happy, healthy & running around like a little kitten should!

Poor little guy, my son has decided he's the BEST toy he's ever had at least he's learned to pick him up with two hands & be GENTLE! They are having allot of fun together, chasing each other all over the living room .

Hubby just started his second round at trade school so money is getting tight(er), but it's nice having him around the house so much!

The entire house is sick. Lucas & I have colds & hubby's shingles are getting worse he's got an appointment this afternoon. Hopefully the doctor will just tell him to quit smoking & that will clear it up . Seriously, he's down to 4 - 6 a day from +25 a few weeks ago - I'm so proud of him! I just wish he'd finally kick it

I've got a birthday coming up this weekend so I'm ordering all my veggie seeds for next year with the $$ from the parents.
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It's rainy today and I'm expecting to see an ark floating by my window at any point. It's still fairly warm, but the temps are supposed to fall all day and we'll have lows in the upper 30's tonight and cooler weather for the weekend. I'll be working all day today and going to the gym after work. Depending on how the weather is tomorrow and how much work I get done today, I might take tomorrow off and have a long weekend.
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Morning. Drizzly and cool here. Can't believe we're actually having Fall like weather! No doctors appointments today! WOOHOO! Not much going on except my clubs monthly meeting tonight. Looking forward to that.
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wow, time is flying this morning, and I need to get my butt moving....

I let the kids stay home today because I need their help and wanted to spend some time with them before I go away for a bit.

I'm heading to the shower, then starting with snake feeding

Got a vet appt at 4:45.

Have a good day folks.
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Having a lazy day after our friends leaving party last night Plenty of this and too much of this but what a great night we had!
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its rubbish weather to match my rubbish mood today

and to top it off my friend wants me to go pick her things up from my other friends house as the police have told her not to go (bitter break up im sure 2 women splitting is wrse than a man and women) but i dont think i have the energy and might just ask blaine to do it he'll love me for that
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It's cool today and its supposed to rain and snow. I am off today, but later I have to go and get some cat food and litter.

I am pretty tired today. Yesterday I got my nose pierced and I didn't sleep much last night afraid the stud would fall out but it didn't. I had a bandaid over it but I was still not sure because it was my first night with it. I woke up to hyper cats this morning and they are still running around over 2 hours later.
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Morning. Grey morning but I see the sun is coming out now. The rain is overwith here for I don't know how long. Months perhaps? Anyway, the past 2 nights my body forgot to be asleep much so I am dragging. Not in the mood to be at work. I might ask to go home early. Not like we're busy.

Sometime during the night Genever wanted to get under the covers for a snuggle, but when I let her under, she started biting my arm!! What the heck? So i yelled at her and made her go away. Meanie cat. Actually she wsa probably just feeling hyper and mistook my arm for a mouse or something. But it wasn't nice.

Anyway... Hopheads tonight, Beachwood BBQ is having a cask beer night which will mean it'll be super crowded probably. I don't even feel like going. I might not. But BF will want to go and for some reason he thinks he can't go out if I don't feel like going out. We'll see, maybe I'll get a nap in and feel a bit more energized later on.

In the meantime, stay warm everyone!!! (I will, supposed to get up to about 80 today!!)
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