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The joys of making Tuna Salad.....

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Yeah...mental note to self...add tuna LAST when making tuna salad when you have multiple cats in the house. Warning...They WILL gang up on you! I swear, they got together as soon as I got the tuna can out and they had a plan of attack.

I made the mistake of opening the tuna first . That start the "GET OFF!", "get down", "shoo", as the ambush started. They realized I was on to them so they regrouped and came up with a different strategy since the straight forward attack wasn't working.

I then added the eggs (also not a good idea) but I got most of them peeled and sliced....then the kitten, Peanut (aka Pixie) climbed up my jeans. I'm guessing she was the sniper because all my attention was on trying to get her off my body before she did serious damage to either one of us, and when I turned around there were 4 cats sniffing around the tuna. OMG! So, I shooed everyone off the counter (and very gently got Peanut off the middle of my back....very interesting to watch, I'm sure). They finally got started cutting the onions.

Now, THIS was funny! My cats hate fresh onions and you can just watch their eyes start watering and they start jumping down. It was their own fault!

Tip for making tuna salad around cats. Start with onion first, the stronger the better!

The did get tuna and egg (friskies) for a treat tonight since I was so mean to not let them have any.
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You are a brave person for even attempting to make tuna salad. I usually have to go outside to mix in the tuna. Not bad in the summer but those zero degree days are tough!
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My husband is the one who makes the tuna salad. He makes sure to get enough small bowls out to appease the masses with tuna juice (the water packing). Split 3-4 ways, it means they actually only get like a teaspoon +/- each, but it keeps them happy while he makes the actual tuna salad. But man every time they hear the can opener (cat food has the pull top cans) they come a-running!
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AH!!! I know those days! I can't even get NEAR the cabinet where the kitty food cans are stashed without getting mobbed! You are very, very brave!
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I gave up on trying to make tuna salad a long time ago,having to use a can opener.All I have to do is open a drawer in the kitchen and I get mobbed!I changed my ways,and chop the onion and celery first,and the pouch!I buy the tuna in the pouch.No draining,no noise.By the time they get the scent,it's mixed and on the way to the fridge.Then I get the looks like where'd it go,mom?Ha!Fooled 'em!
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It's impossible to open a can of tuna in our house unless you're prepared to share! I sometimes give Ripley tuna as a treat (Newt doesn't seem to like it much) but I have to drain the liquid into the bowl first so she can drink it before I put the meat in. I don't know how she trained me to do that.
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My kitties come running when they hear the can hit the counter. They're salivating by the time the can opener hits the side of the tuna can! I squeeze out the tuna water, then give them each a little bit of tuna and water.

Yeah, they have me trained!
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Thanks for the story!
Tuna brings the cat and dogs out of a dead sleep, running. I don't ever feed any of them from my plate while I am eating, but they still find it totally appealing and worthwhile to beg of sorts.
I say beg, for the cat I mean attempt to bully me into taking some or sneaking it. The dogs just watch at the beginning then go on with life.
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Awww.. Such cute stories. My kitty Sho is absolutely uninterested in the sounds of a can opening. He used to be. But after a while, he learned that a can opening doesn't always mean it's cat food. So he ignores it now.
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