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Well I'm moving

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Well after recent events and subsequent house hunting, we are moving.

We will be moving to an actual house to rent, not an apartment and it's cheaper rent too. There is an actual backyard and front yard. Yay! I can even establish a lawn and have dinner out in the backyard on those warm summer nights.

I may be taking my neighbour's kitten with me. If I do, it will be by stealth and the second trip that she will ever have will be to the vet for a full and thorough check up.

The new place definitely has possibilities. And one of them is to help stray cats in the area. I hear there are a lot of them. Though the other major problem are ticks. My two are purely inside so hopefully no tick will be smart enough to work out how to get inside the house. If the landlord doesn't spray soon, then I'll organise it myself or make up a concoction myself.

And there's even a room under the stairs and I figure if I ever have to keep a kitty indoors, it will be in there and with the light on. (Don't worry, I will treat it much better than what Harry Potter received from his aunt and uncle.)
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Your move sounds wonderful! I sure hope you are able to find the kitten before you leave. You will love having a backyard. I hope you can get a backyard feral colony going (I have 6 ferals who live in my back yard). Good luck!
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Best of luck, and hope you catch the kitty!
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Great! You will love having a yard!Best of luck with the kitty's!
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YAY!!!! What wonderful news!!! Like everyone else has said, I think you'll love having a yard! I've got my fingers crossed for kitty - she'll turn up in time, I hope. All of our vibes will HAVE to send her your way at the right time.

When is the move happening?

Again - congrats!!!!!!

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Well I've moved...and it's taken a week to get the internet and phone line back up. I didn't get the little female as I moved. Though I did try to. *sigh*

But....the new yard is terrific. Just needs work. So here's to a brighter future! ^_^
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Mags, you've already done so much more than many people would have even tried. I'm sorry, too, that you weren't able to bring the little kitten with you. She'll be in our prayers.

BUT... I hope you really enjoy your new home! We've missed you, and I hope the move went well. Have fun unpacking, rearranging, and... GARDENING!
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