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Bottle Feeding and Weaning Problems in 6wk old kitty

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Hi all! Im trying to wean Dini onto wet kitten food and he is just not having it. I gave him wet food last week (the first day I had him) and he ate it- about 1 tsp with no problem. He was messy but he got it all down. Ive been bottle feeding him KMR since then and now I am trying to get him to eat the wet food and he refuses.

Ive tried mixing the formula and making it goopy, ive warmed it up, Ive had it at room temp, ive given it to him straight out of the fridge, ive tried putting some on my finger and letting him lick it off, ive tried everything and he just wont touch it!

He also refuses to drink water or KMR out of his dish as well. And this dish is very shallow so I know thats not the problem. Yesterday he started digging at the floor next to his dish and I read on here that it may be the location of the dish, so I moved it. (it was on the kitchen table) now Ive got it on the floor in my bedroom and he still wont eat. All he wants is the bottle!

Should I give up for now? Is he too young? Hes roughly 6 weeks-im not positive yet as he doesnt go to the vet untill next week. He also hasnt been drinking much from his bottle as he did the first few days I had him. He went from drinking 8oz a day to about 5oz. Is this normal?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your advice!
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Hi, it's been two years since I bottle fed orphans and I don't remember the ratio of replacement milk for weight in ounces of the kitten. Maybe someone will have that handy.

I do remember that the vet I used told me not to worry about weaning. The signs to look for that they are ready to wean is when they start chewing the nipple to the bottle and twisting away. At that time you may have more success at getting him to eat the soupy milk/canned kitten food.

As long as he seems to be going to the potty, gaining weight, and acting healthy it should not be a problem. Ask the vets opinion when you take him in to be checked.

It's hard not to worry about them.

Added : http://kitten-rescue.com/kitten_feeding_schedule.html amount to feed per weight. He may have taken more milk at the beginning if he needed the nourishment. Best to check with vet to make sure.
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Thanks Skimble!! He's gaining weight like crazy-I just weighed him after reading your post and 8 days ago he weighed 12 ounces and now he weighs over a pound a half! So I guess maybe he just needed to catch up and now hes leveling off on the eating..I will talk to the vet next week.

He does chew on the nipple when I first start feeding him but after a minute or two he starts sucking like normal. And his paws go CRAZY grabbing at the bottle/nipple- I literally have to hold them down or my hands get shredded!
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Don't push him, i have yet to meet a cat that still sucks on a bottle.He will let you know when he is ready to move off the formula. It should be fairly soon you will know because he will be restless when nursing, chew on the bottle and be fussy afterward. Then you mix the formula in with some wet KITTEN food (canned) and give it to him in a jar lid. The progression is pretty natural.
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Thanks Hissy! I think I will be almost sad when he does go off the bottle..its kind of fun to feed him and its our own little bonding time. I always talk to him when Im feeding him and he just stares at me like he can understand everything Im saying. LOL of course he doesnt but its still cute. I will just wait and see what he does the next few weeks. And LOL your right Ive never seen a grown cat on the bottle! Haha!!!!
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