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kitten has owie on his neck!

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Im guessing he got bit by a bug or something and has been scratching at it for the past lil while now.. I didn't notice it till today though. Mama cat is most likely licking the hell out of it because around it was wet. my mom and i put some creamy polysporin on the sore but since its right on the side of his neck its hard to put a bandage there. I wrapped some toilet paper around it and then tape so it'd stick.. but I dunno how long that will hold and if he keeps scratchng at it and mama keeps licking it, it wont heal. Im really worried because i dont really know what to do. Should i just keep putting the bandage around his neck and see if it gets better? Please, if anyone can suggest something, id be so thankful.
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Go to the vet and get a "E" collar for cats. It looks like a funnel that you put on the cats head and prevents them from scratching bites, wounds, and stitches. They are inexpensive and work great. I have one around here if I ever need it for my cats. I call it a "bucket Head".
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I wouldn't put anything on it at the moment because the mom is licking the kitten. The collar may rub against it, depending on where on the neck it is. If you put your hand right over the top of it, but don't touch it is there heat rising up to meet your hand? If so, it is infected and the kitten needs to see a vet.
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thats the biggest problem.. my mom and I are in a situation where we cant go SEE A vet.. we have financial problems, so even buying food is a problem lately. Vets seems to cost an arm and a leg even to check this kitty out nowadays and thats something we dont have money for..
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The sore could be ringworm and you could get it from your little one. I would go to a clinic at a petstore and see what they can do for you.
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hes only a month and a couple days old. I dont have the money to doooo that :'(
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I would suggest you find the money in the future to get the mom spayed, so you don't have to worry about this type of scenario in the future. If you cannot afford food, or vet care, quite simply you shouldn't have animals until you can.
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Yes well this wasnt exactly PLANNED for. The mama cat isnt mine, shes my uncles and he lets her outside and he didnt fix her, but I took her in because he's not capable to take care of 5 baby kittens, if he took care of them they'd be born outside somewhere getting more and more wild each day. He is providing the money to get her fixed but thats not my problem. We didnt know she was even pregnant till she started to get fatter and fatter. My mom and I were fine with the finalcial situation until recently, now things have gotten worse. So you can't blame me and tell me "I shouldnt have kittens" if it was up to me, she would have been fixed and there wouldnt BE a problem. SOmetimes you have no control over things. But NOW im worried ABOUT the baby kitten i DO have, i DONT have the money to take her into a vet so i was just ASKING on what i could maybe do at home.
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Ok well thank you for explaining that. But if there is an infection on this kitten's neck, it needs to see a vet. Kittens are not able to just shake off an infection like an older cat. But no one on this board is there to see what this is, if it is a flea bite, a mosquito bite, ringworm? Perhaps it is nothing at all. But you need someone who is there and knowledgeable to look at it and diagnose it and treat it. No one can tell you about a home remedy because we don't know what it is you are talking about.
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ok so whos gonna send me the money to take him? I would take him in an INSTANT if i had MONEY to pay for his bill. I dont. I wish i did
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You don't say how old you are, but could you do chores for the neighbors and earn the money for the vet? Some folks will pay to have their weeds pulled or lawns mowed. Babysitting is another option, but that is mostly a weekend thing. Collecting aluminum cans and recycling is another option. There are so many odd jobs that folks will pay to have done. Check with your neighbors and have your mom check with her co-workers.
Good luck
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Im 19. I dont drive, i have 2 next door neighbours, i live in the middle of no where, my mom doesnt work and i cant get anywhere. Theres no busses where i am.
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both my next door neighbours are wealthy and dont need people to do house chores for them
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Sometimes the Humaine Society has programs for low income families.
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the humaine society here is a woman working out of her home. and i dont think the SPCA does that. I can check into it, but the kitten's sore looks a lot better then yesterday
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