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My cat keeps vomiting  

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I have a Snowshoe Siamese male cat named Badger. He is 1 and ½ years old. Within the past week, I’ve noticed some vomit in various areas of the house. Because we have more than one cat, I didn’t know which one it was coming from.

Night before last, Badger vomited in the kitchen and it was 2 big hairballs. Today, my fiancée called and said Badger threw up again but it was chewed up cat food. My fiancée also said he picked Badger up and he felt lighter than usual.

Right now, I am on a business trip but I am coming home first thing tomorrow because I made an appointment with our vet. I wanted to see if anyone on here can offer advice or recognizes symptoms of what this may be? He has never had any health issues. Because he is a rescue, I don’t know about any genetic health problems.
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Having him checked out by a vet isn't a bad idea........... Vomiting can be SO many things. From serious nausea, allergies to the cat just eating to fast.

Now for the record, I have had vomitting issues with every siamese I've ever owned (barfing up undigested cat food) however this was because they ate too fast everytime, and they always vomited within an hour of eating and usually undigested food.

However if this is a new behaviour and you haven't changed foods or anything a vet check will rule out any major health issues. If it has something to do with the eating I have LOTS of suggestions!
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OP here...
Everyone, please pray for my Badger. I took him to the vet and a 4 inch mass was found on his intestine wall. He is in surgery now. Vet won't know if it is malignant or benign until the mass is tested.
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Oh poor Badger! I hope you and her are ok!
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I'm sorry. lot's of healing vibes
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OP here,
I thought Badger was getting better from his surgery but for the past 2 days, I've noticed his stomach looks bloated. I called the vet this morning and he was about to call me with the results of the pathology report of the tumor that was removed from his intestine. It wasn't a good report. My poor boy had cancer of the lymph nodes and was in pain.
I had to take my precious boy in and say goodbye to him this morning. It was very hard and unfair because he was so young and full of life only 2 short weeks ago before he got sick. I am heartbroken.
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I am so sorry - your Badger was blessed with your love, if not with the long life together you both deserved so much. My prayers with you and your family.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Having just recently lost my sweet boy Cedar extremely quickly I can understand some of your pain.

Allow yourself time to grieve and be gentle with yourself. Know that Badger will now be looking over you from the bridge

Out of respect for Badger and you I will close this thread

Badger's tribute can be found here
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