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Marlow and Sasha

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I opened the screen door today to see what would happen. Look.
A few minutes later, Sasha went out to check Marlow's digs while Marlow came in.
They are ready to cohabitate for sure. My wife Becky has doubts that Marlow will want to become an indoor only cat like Sasha.
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That is such great news!! He may surprise you and just want to stay inside. I have one that lived outside for years and he is here at my home and NEVER goes near the door. He loves inside life. They look like they will become buddies. That is awesome!
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that swatting looked like playful interaction. Wish my foster boy Casper felt that way.
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Laurie predicted he'd be inside by Halloween and I think she's right!

You will want to get him inside a few days before Halloween anyway. Outside cats that are vaguely friendly can be tricked on by slimey people.
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Awww, that's cute. Looks like they're on the way to become buddies. Your progress with Marlow is really encouraging. I've been working with my outside boy, Frank, in the hopes of getting him comfortable with coming inside, but we're not there yet.
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Update: Sasha is as curious about outside as Marlow is of the inside. I've been allowing Sasha to go out on the deck but not too far. Photo aken today.
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Is your backyard fenced all the way around? Just asking, because if a loud noise or something scares the kitties - often they'll bolt, and not necessarily where you expect them to. nothing should ever happen.

All of our kitties are indoor only. The ones that lived outside... well - like KRZ's kitty, they don't even like going near the door.
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LDG; Sorry to draw your fire. I will not make a habit of letting Sasha outdoors. Sasha is a first class scardy cat. Any noise sends him running back into the house. Marlow knows where the good stuff is. He would come back.
Getting them together both inside and out requires such calculated risks. Hopefully they will both be indoor only cats soon.
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Not fire - just concern. Glad Sasha knows where to bolt. As to Marlow - we already know he knows his way around - and where the good stuff is!
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Marlow and Sasha look like they are already buddies!! That's great news! I bet before you know it, you will have 2 indoor cats. Laurie is right, Zach was outside for over 2 years, I thought he would never adjust to indoor life. He totally surprised me! He is the most affectionate and I think most grateful cat I have ever had. I think I would have to push him out the door, of course I NEVER would, he is an inside cat and quite happy!
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