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Update on Little - the teenie orphaned kitten

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Hello all, its been quite a while since I have posted and update on Little, the itsy bitsy little orphaned kitten I took in from my clinic at 1 day old. Well he is almost grown now, will be 9 months old at the end of this month. Neutered, vaccinated and just as sweet as can be. I was terrified that he would grow up to be one of those monster bottle kittens that you hear about, but he has grown up to be a wonderful, social, well adjusted sweet pea. He LOVES everyone who comes over, even kids, and loves all other animals (except for a strong hatred of dogs!) and gets along great with all my cats, my birds and even the guinea pig. Here are a few recent pics of the "little" guy LOL

Here he is at 3 days old, just after I brought him home

My friend Melody is an animal lover like me, and as known the munchkin since he was the size of a walnut. They have developed a really special bond and he loves the rough house with her. His favorite game is to wrap his legs around her arm and get spun on the kitchen floor. Here is a short video, sorry the quality is crummy - i took it with my phone and was laughing so hard I couldnt hold the camera still LMAO

He is still just a smidge retarded and sometimes you can just see that the links are not connecting LOL but it makes him all the more sweet and loveable. Proof that every bottle kitten is NOT a monster!!
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Oh TaraRose I was just wondering about Little the other day. I am so glad you updated.

I must say you did an amazing job with him.

Congratulations of raising a well adjusted sweetheart.
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Oh Little aint' so little anymore, but what a nice job you have done with him. He is precious!
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Oh wow, how beautiful! Glad to hear he's done so well!
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Little is a handsome boy. He has grown so much. You did a wonderful job of raising Little
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What a beautiful kitty!!!
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Wow - quite the transformation. He's gorgeous!
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Hey, nice to hear from you! I wondered from time to time how Little was doing. He looks great! You must be so proud.
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yeah he is really a great cat well worth all the trouble and then some
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