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"MEOW"endnesday Trivia!...=)

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Good .... this is a good one!...

This cat has is mahogany-toned with a smooth, lustrous coat and green, oval shaped eyes:

A. Singapura
B. Havana Brown
C. Bombay
D. Manx

The answer is here dear member and NOTE that is valid only for today, tomorrow will be another question and another answer... and PLEASE Help us here with a simply CLICK!..
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The answer is: a beautiful cat!
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What the above person said. Very pretty cats. And playful tooif I am not mistaken.
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I guessed correctly but now I have to find a Google Image of it since I don't know my cat breeds.
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I guessed correctly too but got the dog one wrong. I googled them after I answered and they are very pretty cats with a very long tail! Especially the one I saw!
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Nice participation!-...
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