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If you won the lottery..

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how would you spend it?

Hubby and I talked about this at dinner tonight, we came up with a petshop that sponcers a different rescue group every day of the week with a photo album that shows what animals are available, on days that group isn't there.

A portion of the profits from the shop would go to no-kill shelters or the rescue groups that come to the shop. (We would only need to live off the lottery money)

We would include workshops for the care of their new pet, and any problems they may encounter. The rescue groups would include, dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, reptiles, and birds! Support groups could be formed as well.

How about you? What would you like to spend it on?
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I would buy a big house, so that I could have as many cats as I want.

I would buy a nice car.

Then I would donate some to shelters.
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Well I'm underage to BUT who's saying I will anyway .

Buy a beautiful house , car, clothes.

Build a nice cattery. Live on a farm with tonnes of animals.

And donate a bit and then invest the rest.

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Start my own no-kill shelter and only have staff working that cared about animals and of course had a clean record. Not about to hire people that don't care for other humans' rights.

Build my dream catsafe house.

Buy a car.

Invest the rest.
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Pay off our bills, buy a big house with lots of yard so my babies can move back home, buy a car for me and fix up hubby's van, invest the rest.

Yesterday we were at Petco and they had cats and dogs in cages in front. I saw a shaved long haired black and white kitty with a rough voice. He was so sweet! He just demanded attention and was rubbing up against the side of the cage against my hand. I had to quickly go into the store because I couldn't keep from crying. I hate seeing babies I can't rescue.

We were only there for the fish (to get some new ones and get supplies for while we're gone).
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I would buy my parents' house from them and lease it back to them, for a dollar a year (paying it off, outright would constitute income and they'd have to pay taxes). You can give a family member $10,000, tax-free as a gift so, I'd give that to Mark and Sam. They could make a down payment on house.

I'd set up college funds for the twins, make grants to the Humane Society and Hermitage no-kill cat shelter and sock the rest away into tax shelters.

Now, for myself: a red 1959 Cadillac convertible and a trans-Canal cruise. Since Bill would be quitting his job, I'd have to buy him an old junked paver or backhoe, to bang on to keep him occupied and happy. He doesn't know how NOT to work.
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I would donate some to a local no kill shelter here in the mountains where I got Kahu from, as well as some others.
I would plan a road trip, buy a house here in the US and a house in New Zealand so I can come back and forth and never to live through another winter
I would like to get a '69 Dodge Charger.
Investing is a must and like Cindy says, put some of the money in tax shelters.

You have thought this out carefully Cindy! I didnt know that about the tax part if your house is paid off.
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Its not the paying off of the house. If we paid off our house, it would be no problem. If I paid off my parents' house, the IRS would look at that money as income and they'd have to pay taxes on it. If I buy their house, any profit would be considered capital gains but, at their ages, they get a tax break on that. The main thing is that they would be out from under their mortgage payments, freeing up some income, each month. My leasing the house back, at less than market value, would give ME a tax break. In addition, I could give each of my parents $10,000, each year as a gift and they wouldn't have to pay taxes on that.

BTW: the Powerball is over 100 million, this Wednesday. My luck is running, too. I went out to one of the Indian casinos, last Friday and came home $600 to the good. My car down payment fund is looking better, all the time.
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If I won a lot of money, it would kinda go like this.. First off I would build myself a dream house, then I would buy my brother and his fiance one (but not as good as mine because they are snobs..), I would give my parents a TON of money and buy them a few vacation houses are the world.. I think we would probably share the vacation houses because there's no point in wasting.. lol..

I would start a scholarship fund for people from my area, donate money to my alma mader, increase the size of my counties 2 animal shelters.. I would also sponser free spay/neuter clinics across the world.. I was thinking I would set up a charity thing, and every year I would give a million dollars to someone different, but they would have to write in and explain why the needed it and what it would be used for. Besides that I would also donate freely to places I came across..

I would of course invest "safely" but then also start my own business which if it took off I would sell for a nice profit, then continue doing this until I found my perfect business which I would then keep as mine til I'm old.. I would definately build my mother a greenhouse, and my ex'bf's mom would get a bakery. A lot of people I know would be getting money to save for their kids for college since most people around here don't have the opportunity.

I already promised some people I used to work with a few things. My one manager, she doesn't have enough money to get married because of her kids health problems, so I told her if I won she would get a dream wedding. My other manager had never been to the beach and wants to take her kids to disneyworld so I told her she would get a dream vacation... There are some other people I would give some stuff to, also, like my friend needs a car, or whatever.

It really depends on how much money.. Even if it were 10million I could do this on a smaller scale.. Of course something like 300 million would just be pure madness and I would hope I wouldn't let it go to my head..
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We've talked about this quite a bit, since I think this is hubby's idea of a retirement plan.

First, pay off everything, buy a house and cars. Buy my Dad a spiffy sports car that he's been looking at. Probably have to give money to other family members. Set up trusts for nephews' college education, and for my godsons. Set up a trust for the Colorado Highpower Junior Rifle Team so they don't have to worry about funds. Of course, we would donate a bunch to rescue organizations who need it desperately.

I would also set up Save Samoa/Stray Pet Advocacy as a bona-fide non-profit organization with Laurie, Christy and Kass so we could put as much time and energy into it as it should have.

And as long as we're dreaming, I would also set up a Cat Site Convention so we could all FINALLY meet face to face. Of course, it would be in a cat friendly hotel.
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Hmmmm- your hubby must've been talking to mine Heidi I think thats his plan as well

I'd build my dream house first, on some nice oceanfront property in my town. Then hubby and I would get new cars- he wants a sports car, I'm happy with a more sedan type.( I would like a new Celica to jet around in though...)

Then I'd give my parents money to build the house of their dreams, and the same for my grandma. I'd throw a chunk into the college fund we've set up for the kids too. I'd help hubby set up his own business- hes been dreaming of that for years.

Then- I'd take my best friend with me to the city shopping and we'd buy whatever we wanted for a few days- clothes, CDs, jewellery, you name it. We'd eat steak dinners and have room service bring us whatever we wanted for breakfast. Then I'd fly her wherever she wanted to see the concert of her choice. Maybe we'd take a little vacation in some exotic locale too...ooooooh the possibilities!!

Maybe I'd build a pool at my dream home and hire Trent Reznor to be my pool boy..........

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Bill and I could get married, since we wouldn't need my widow's pension any more. I would hire a nanny, for the pets, while Bill and I set off for a wonderful honeymoon.
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I would of course be paying some money to TCS to help keep it running and stuff

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Pay for fertility treatments.

What ever is left I would share with my family, worthwhile cat and other charities and maybe take a trip.
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Pay off all my bills & all the kids bills , Buy both sons a house,and open a no kill shelter,(ours is a kill one.) invest rest!
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i have always said if i ever win, i will have a huge NO KILL shelter set up, and hire a real nice bunch of animal lovers and vets to run it, and then i would move to the country to a farm where i could have more animals,could afford to do that then i do play, but no luck some day!
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I would give a large portion to the shelters around here, who desperately need it.

And I would accomplish my dream. I want to open a children's art center in my community. We don't have much to do, and it would just be awesome **slips back into fantasy world**.
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