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Bringing a new cat to a new home

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Me and my fiance just adopted a beautiful 4 1/2 year old cat from them local animal shelter, and we have a few questions...

First of all, the cat came from a very good home. She has all her medical records, etc... She is not scared at all of her new home, plays with us constantly, purrs a LOT, knows how to use the new litterbox and drink the water, but she won't eat her food. We purchased IAMS adult formula because the pet store people said it was the best stuff, but I don't know what's wrong. Any ideas?

Secondly, she likes to get on top of the kitchen cabinets (about 8 or 9 ft up in the air). Why is that, and what can I do about it? Will the spray gun work, because she's already been in another home and is an adult already?

Thanks a lot for your help, the site has taught us lots already...
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Welcome to the forums!

Sounds like you have a sweet natured companion!

Can you find out what she used to eat in the shelter? Some cats can become fixated with one particular type of food. You can also try various canned foods, to get her going (canned food is more appealing to most cats). If she doesn't eat at all for more than a couple of days, you really should consult a vet. Whatever the original cause of the hunger strike, not eating anything can damage her liver.

As for climbing on the kitchen cabinets - cats love to climb and it's something she has to do occasionaly. So you should provide her with some alternative climbing places (a cat tree can be a great idea!). You can teach her to stay off the counters. In fact, I think it may be easier to teach an adult than a playful kitten.

Start with saying "no" sharply whenever she jumps there and make sure you take her down immidiately, so she doesn't have time to enjoy the place. If that doesn't help, the water squirt can come next...

I'm glad you took in an adult cats. From my experience adult cats can make such wonderful pets and it sounds like you've got one!
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My first questions is if she came from a good home, what what was she doing at the shelter!!!
Anne is right, it is a good idea to get her something she can perch on. I have a cat tree that goes to the ceiling. They all love it. To keep her off of the counters, if the no's and spray bottle dont work, another good trick is to fill soda cans with pennies and line them up so that when she jumps up there, she knocks them down. Cats DO not like loud noises and over time, she should just not attempt it because she doesnt like the noise.
Cats can be picky about food sometimes, if you find out what she was eating then maybe she will eat for you. Then if you want to switch her to a better quality food, you gradually mix the new with the old until she is on all of the new. I wish you and your new sweetie all the best. Keep us all updated on her transition.
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Well, to answer your first question, the previous owner's daughter still living with them adopted a newborn baby thru the State of Texas' system. Because the baby was less than 1 year old, State Law required that there be no pets in the house...kind of of strange circumstances, eh?

Well, she went to see the vet yesterday and checked out just fine,plus she has started eating, so everything appears OK. Thanks for your help, if I have any more questions, I won't hesitate to post again!!!
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