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Daily Thread HUMP day Oct 14th!

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Morning cat peeps!

It's going to be a cold one today...only 6 degrees! I think its sweater time!

Heading to work in a bit, and then home to sit around. I might go out with Josh and his friends for a potluck but not sure.

Not much else going on.

You all have a good one!
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Hello everyone!!

I'm so excited because Cody has an interview with a temp agency this afternoon! Please let them take him on! And after that I hope a company chooses to hire him full time instead of just as a temp!

I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up here but... If he got this job then our futures would look SO much better than they do right now!

As for me...I haven't had any interivews yet but I found out that the gamestop near us is looking for someone to hire and I'll be turning in my app tomorrow so I hope to hear back from them. I absolutely love games and even for minimum wage, it would just tickle me pink to work for Gamestop...
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A cool damp day. On holiday this week, and i'm slowly getting myself ready for our friends leaving party tonight. She doesn't know weve been asked to attend by her employer so she's in for a suprise

Got Rosie on my lap so it's making it harder to post
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Good morning folks

Wow, I figured I would sleep in today considerring sleep just was not happening last night and I didn't hit the sack till 4ish I just couldn't wind down for some reason.

Woke with a headache from lack of sleep....

There's frost on the ground to

Nothing much on the agenda today, gotta take Kiwi to the vet this afternnoon....and do some stuff around here.

Have a great day.
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We have a cool and rainy day here. It's the perfect day to work from home. The cats also think it's the perfect day to sit on my lap. Right now, I have both Tiny and Promise sitting on my lap. I can see that I'm going to have a hard time getting any serious work done on the computer today.

I'll be working on my dissertation proposal most of the day. I plan to go out and grab something to eat and run a couple of errands during lunch, but other than that I plan to work until around 5 or so. After that, I'll probably read a bit, watch some television, and then try to get to sleep at a decent hour so that I can get up early and go to work at the office at a decent hour tomorrow.
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Brrr it's chilly out there with frost everywhere! I'm fighting off a cold and this weather isn't helping. I want to curl up with the lazy cats and get more sleep.

Have a good day everyone!
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Morning All!!

Sunny but very cold here today...

Not much on my agenda other then a series of phone conversations with several branches of our wonder Canadian Government...I am predicting a migraine within an hour.

Have call-in appointments with both the Ministry of Education and Training today, and with the board of Colleges and Universities Judaical Decicisons.
Real Party Day.

Because I had gotten ill and had to be away for several days from my training program my status was revoked.....which is annoying but understandable, however having to pay a full semester of tuition for 3 weeks isn''t. Get the picture.

After that I plan to nap.

The kitties are good, window watching right now.

Everyone have a great day.
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Gooooooooooooooooooooood morning to every one...

I envy you because today will going to be another really hot day around here...
check the forecast...
don´t you want a bit of my tropical sun from here?......

nothing exciting for today just being at office and go to home for lunch & dinner...
Man I need a long weekend to sleep...

Have a nice "MEOW"ednesday to everyone!..
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Good morning everyone!

Been up since 7 studying for my chemistry midterm. On my third cup of coffee, . But I'm pretty confident and as long as I don't make any stupid mistakes (which is usually my problem), I'm expecting an A. Fingers crossed!!

Thankfully, that's my only class today and I'll be able to come home and chill out. Laundry and dishes to do this afternoon...

Josh's family is in town so I'll probably go out to his grandmother's tonight to see them. Not sure though since I have an early morning tomorrow...

Everybody have a good day!
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Woke up to snow this morning. It was hard to get the kids off to school. They were so busy watching the snow fall they didn't want to get ready. Raina my 6 year old wore her snow pants and boots. So she could make a snowman at school.
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I am so tired and bored. DS got his vaccinations yesterday and is feeling under the weather. He isn't napping for long either so I can't nap. I wanted to walk to the stores but I fear it's too chilly for him in his condition. I am completely bored with tv and the internet. HELP! lol
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Hello All!!

Though I could post this am as I got up pleenty early as DH had to visit a client in Iowa today (5hr plus drive one way!)

But I finally could put out the fall decorations and pumpkins and other stuff around the house so I worked on that instead!

Then another busy day at work with well actually some news Monday afternoon. We are opening another location in town early next year!! Might be some more possibilities for me down the road. I will still retain some landscaping clients though-still like the tax benefits!!

Anyhow ate ALOT for dinner and know doing some TCS catch-up for a bit yet.

Rain/snow predicted tonite (lovely!)
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