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was able to catch one of three kittens... help

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Ok, I was able to only catch one tonight. There are 2 more out there and an older one. It didn't go well. He freaked out, (aka whirling helicopter) and hissed once, bit and scratched but eventually calmed down.

He is in the spare room, I have a box all set up, clean litter box and food and water. He's under the bed right now like everyone said. He's probably petrified... I don't know how I'll catch his brothers.

I'm just kind of hanging out, not trying to interact... I'm a little freaked out right now, my roomate is saying I shldnt have taken him without his brothers but there is the raccoon, the rain and I couldn't get them all tonight. My cats are separated, they know something is up but they are ok.

Did I do the right thing?
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Yes surely you did the right thing. If you cant do everything at once, do it stepwise. One bit a time.

It is common they do freak out at first: defensive aggresiveness. This is why rescuers are recommended to have gloves and thick clothes while catching them.
Afterwards, when they have had time to see nobody is really threating them, they have time to stress down and cool down, he will prob remain shy but almost surely not aggressive any longer...Not for the everyday living with him. So the worst part is already done.
You are doing quite according to the manual.

Good luck!
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You are so doing the right thing. The few times I've needed to trap, I get totally stressed out. But the reward of knowing you're doing the right, caring thing overrides the stress. Bravo to you and good luck with the other two!
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You are absolutely doing the right thiing? Of course - you may want to call around to see if you can find a trap for the others. No matter how big or little - those claws are dangerous! The ONLY other trick is to do while they're eating (distracted) and have a crate on it's end with the opening facing up - and grab and drop REALLY fast. And yeah - thick long-up-the-arm leather gloves can really help. We keep them in the car LOL.

Most of us trap - and that means we do it one at a time.

Of course being inside and a pet - whether yours or adoted out - is the best thing for these kitties!

Cats are territorial, and being removed from what they know and placed in some strange place is terrifying! Tell your room-mate this. Imagine you're two years old, and something happens to your family. A chinese family adopts you. You have to travel in something really scary to get there. Once there - everything sounds strange, looks strange, smells strange. Of course you're terrified! You don't know what's happening or why! What do you want next? To be smothered in love by people you don't know? No - you want to be left alone to adjust. You want to be checked in on, and you'd be VERY comforted to know you're going to be fed regularly, be living in a clean place and generally cared for - but until you've settled down and gotten used to the new routine and place and people - the last thing you want is your new mom trying to hug you all the time (even though that's all she wants to do). And as your brothers and sisters show up one at a time over the next week or two... you feel a bit better about it all.
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