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Last weekend I visited a local cattery and was surrounded by beautiful bengals. I was in heaven. When I first started researching this breed I thought I only wanted spotted, but I've really begun falling in love with the marble pattern. They are stunning and so playful.

My guys need someone to get them more active. Ok, me too!!! I've become too sedentary and need someone to get me off my butt more.
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I know you have seen these but I have the other pics of Loki in computer at home..

and here is the link:

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As far as I can tell, the marbled bengals are the rarer of the two types. I especially love the stripes on the legs of the marbles, they are so defined

Loki is a cutie! His face is so distinguished looking
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thanks so much - and Sasha is growing into a absolutely gorgeous Bengal!!!
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Fuzzmom: A Bengal surely will do that for you!!! They are a handful but oh so worth it!!!!
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They are all such dolls!!
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Here is a pic of 3 of my cats. They are all sitting the same way and look how much taller Sasha is than the other two. Sterling even looks bigger than he is because of all that fur. Sasha is all muscle. He is still growing too, he's probably about 13-14 lbs now!
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oops here's the pic:
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Wow - Sasha will be a bruser! Loki never made it past 10.6 lbs as per his last vet visit and he'll be 4 years old in March -I guess he is just me little runt. :lips: He is on the small side but also pure muscle!
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Aaaaaaaaaaaargh I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
Their so cute.

Question though: How big do Bengals grow?.
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rosiemac - I'm still learning about Bengals myself, but from what I've read males average from 10 to 15 pounds and females usually smaller. There are however those that can reach 20 lbs. I'd love to see one that size. Someday I'm hoping to be graced with one (or more?) of these beauties. I need the exercise!
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God so would i!!.

To think of a fur baby that size curled up on your lap, BLISS!!!!!
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I want a bengal!

They are so beautiful
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The thing with the Bengal breed is that they are all muscle and thier bones must be heavy Looking at Sasha, you would not inagine he is already so heavy but when you pick him up he weighs a ton. A 20 pound cat of another breed would probably appear overweight, whereas Bengals appear sleek and muscular.
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My Simba is 9 months old now. He is on the small side. I don't think he even weighs 10 lbs. He's really solid and really muscular, but he's by no means large.
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