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Bengal Pictures

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I was just reading the thread about Tigger bringing home the new Bengal kittens and I thought that I would start a thread for all of us who have Bengals to post pictures of them here.

I will start. This is Sasha! He is a brown marble Bengal male.

Here is Sasha on the first day we brought him home. He loved his mice toys from the very beginning

Here he is on his cat tree...climbing is one of his favorite pass-times

And finally here he is tonight, lounging under the chair He is about 5 1/2 months old now and he is getting HUGE already!
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Hey coco! I loveeeeeeeeee your Bengal

I cant see the third pic though.. you need to edit and remove the first "http://" cuz there's two in there...
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Thanks, I fixed it
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I want a Bengal!!!
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OMG I'm in I want one of those cats sooooooo bad. What an absoulte beauty
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Oh my goodness, his coat is so beautiful! I can't wait to see more bengal pictures in this thread!
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Sasha's a dream

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Sasha is so handsome! :
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Those and and Tabbies seem to have almost the same markings..with the M on the forehead and all...Yours is absolutely adorable!
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I wanna Bengal!!! *stomps foot*

Sasha is gorgeous!!!!
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mine are on my website @ www.ourcats.org
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This is a kitten we have how is a special needs kitty. She loves to play and you would never know she is special needs.
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Here is a picture of her daddy. You can see more of our kitties at my site.
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Awwww, what a sweet little girl. What are her special needs?
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Nothing major. She is a flat chested kitten but on the side where you can't even tell unless you are a vet. If you have never heard of a flat chest kitten it is just a concave chest. Her's is very minor. It does not impair respiratory function. I just can't let her go as full price knowing this.

Here mommy is going back to the breeder. Her sister is in total health and staying here.
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Beautiful .
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Here is Majesty!

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They are all gorgeous! I would love to see one in person.

I imagine rescues don't often have bengals. I've started thinking about getting another kitty so Pepper has a friend other than a big drooling dog!
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Here is another pic of Sasha. Everyone's Bengals are soooo cute. And Sasha is smart too, are your Bengals really smart? Sasha is s good learner of tricks. He can fetch a mouse and jump on my shoulder when I ask him to.

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That is my favorite picture of Sasha
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They are all adorable! I almost got a Bengal kitty but the weekend that I had a ride lined up to go to the breeder's, they were going to a show. Not long afterwards, I wound up adopting my Sasha, who is a rescued snowshoe girl, through the Siamese Rescue Organization.
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Sunni, I'm sure there are Bengal rescues around. So a web search and see what comes up!
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They are all gorgeous! The are in my top 2 of purebread cats (Bengals and Russian Blues).

Fantastic pics!
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Here is a new pic of Sasha. He is getting so big. He is very sweet and loveable. When you walk near him he falls over on his side to get petted

This thread was started before the pics forum so forgive me for posting in the wrong place

Here he is:
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Aww, what cute and beautiful cats all of your bengals are! Quite stunning and lovable, I them.
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I am in love with all them beauty's
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Just gorgeous!!!!!
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I love that first picture. I think its cute when Em walks around with his mice.

I love bengals. I would love to have one.
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I love the new pic of sasha!!!!

thanks for bumping this thread!!
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Very cute pictures of Sasha!

Nicole, I like that daddy bengal a lot!
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