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Possum Kitty LOL!

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This is pretty funny...

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I really hope that they weren't serious about the possumkitty
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HAHAHA-- You know we have rescued this tiny little kitten and we had been calling it "PossumBoy" as it looks JUST like a little possum. We found out today, that "PossumBoy" is actually, "PossumGIRL"!!! I will just HAVE to get a photo of her REAL soon, and post it here, and you will probably agree. Only thing is, she really, really IS so sweet--but thinks she is actually a monkee!!! haha That little girl NEVER stops running around!!!
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That picture is so sweet and the text is ever so funny!

Thanks for sharing.
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I couldn't imagine really trying to feed a possum....yikes! they terrify me!
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Baby possums are sweet (and cute), but I back off slowly when encountering an adult. Those things stink to high heaven and are as big as a medium sized dog!
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When we lived in the country, Fred befreinded a possum. It lived in the tree in front of our house. I came down the hall one evening, and there it was inside, sitting up looking at me. It was not the least bit scared. Fred came up, and they went outside together.
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That was strange.

We had a possum trapped in our laundry room last summer. The laundry opens to the outside, and the other door goes to our kitchen. Dan wanted to feed it, it was just a cute little baby, but I said NO! We put a towel over it and took it outside. Poor thing was so scared.
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Some of the stories at that site were pretty funny. "Mean kitty" seems like such an oxymoron. They're even adorable when they do something bad.
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We had an adult very smelly possum under our bedroom dresser hissing at us, hubby took a broom handle and nudged it outside. We also had a skunk come around outside and eat my cats food and I got frustrated and took a spray bottle and was squirting him, hubby came out and said are you nuts? It is suppose to be the other way around, him squirting you....well, anyway it worked, he scampered off. Linda
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