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RIP kitten

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My Jesse gave birth to four kittens.

I sat and helped her give birth to all of them. She had them in my closet upon fluffy blankets.

She took care of all the kittens there for the first day. After that, she took one to our basement. I noticed one was gone and my son and I went searching for it. We found it and brought it back up to the nesting place.

During the night, Jesse took the kitten and placed it in the middle of my bedroom floor. Well, you all can imagine what happened. I stepped on the kitten and it died.

Why did she do that? I am still haunted by that night. Why would Jesse do that? Why would she leave all the others but abandon that one?

I hope the kitten knows I loved him/her. I have so much guilt about the kitten's death. It was not intentional but I blame myself.

Kitten, please forgive me.
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Aw I'm sorry this happened.

However, there most likely was something wrong with the kitten, and that is why she removed it from the rest of the litter.

Mama cats often know if a kitten isn't right, and will abandon it. You inadvertently only hastened something that was inevitable, and in fact probably saved the tiny infant some suffering. (it probably died instantly, or it may have already been dead before you stepped on it)
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Of course you loved the kitten and didn't mean to step on it! I'm so sorry you went thru something like that!

I've heard that sometimes mothers can sense that there is something wrong with a kitten, and the mother will abandon that kitten for whatever is wrong with it.. It could be that kitten was sick and the mother knew that, and that the kitten would have probably died of natural causes.

R.I.P. Little Kitten
Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge
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Thanks for the kind words, but it still bothers me.

I hope the kitten knows I did what I could. Kitten died in my hands. It was the most horribly sad thing ever for me.

After that, I kept the closet door closed at night.
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Bless your heart. Please don't blame yourself. Chances are there was something wrong with the kitten and Jesse knew it. In the wild it's survival of the fittest and he/she probably wasn't going to make it. Jesse was just trying to save her milk for her kitties that would make it. I hope this makes sense. It sounds like she would've continued to abandon the kitten until the inevitable happened anyway. You have to remember that all animals even domestic ones have "animal instincts". Jesse didn't know that you could've and would've help that kitty to survive. Jesse was just doing what was best for her family. I could be wrong, but I do believe humans are the only mammals who care for their sick and/or wounded.

EDIT: looks like I posted at the same time as Kittylove4
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I wish Jesse would have known I would have helped.

Meatloaf had some health issues that I dealt with. She had eye poopies that prevented her from opening her eyes when she was small. I took her to the vet, got the meds and fed her myself.

It is just a horrible thing to deal with. I was really upset that day and my co-workers wanted to know why. I told them what happened and it became a joke. Needless to say, I am not at that location anymore.
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, little one.
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Rest in Peace Little Kitten.
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im so sorry to hear about ur kitten!
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RIP to little one...
now is under the rainbow....
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