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Please Help Me

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My Bling Bling has Asthma. She was doing really good and over the weekend things got real bad and after visiting the vet yesterday we found her right lung lobe is collapsed.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Im sure it has. I am looking for support. The vet told us the lung should re-inflate itself but as I do research online it seems this might be permanent damage?

If so what happens? I am a mess. Didn't sleep at all last night.
Can someone please help.
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It happened to my Coco when she was 13 and it turned out fine.
Did the vet give her a inhaler or anything?
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They haven't given us an inhaler yet but they gave us a medication we had to pick up at our local pharmacy in addition to prednisone and steroids.
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How long should it take her to start showing signs of feeling better?
Thanks so much for speaking with me.
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It took Cocoa few days but it took her at least 2 weeks to be better.
She had pred and some antibiotics when it happened.
Did you cat have a cold first also?
How old is your cat?
Mine has had asthma for years.
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She's 7.. just turned 7. She has asthma... she had an ear infection and a little bit of runny eyes. Her entire little body is just under pressure right now.

She has trouble with big hairballs too (Himmy). I truly thought this was a hairball fight again but it fooled me.
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When did she first get asthma?
I can give you alot of advice on asthma.
My Coco has had it for a very long time.
She used to get Depo Medrol shots but we had to stop.
I hope your cat feels better.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your beloved Bling Bling. How scary!

But it must make you feel a bit better to hear that mews2much's kitty has been through this and recovered.

Please keep us posted!
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She's had it since she was small....but its always been sporadic... her breathing is still pretty bad tonight. It's been 24 hrs but I guess since she's a pretty sick kitty I can't expect too much too soon right? I'm almost afraid to sleep....just hope she's gonna be ok.

Id love to talk to you more about asthma since you've been through this with your pet.
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Do you have a Er vet that is close just in case you need it?
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I do have an ER vet close by. Her breathing this morning is still a little labored. No coughing though.. a little whisper in her breaths but no major wheezing. She bathed herself. Her fur is all soft this morning...and she's been eating and following me around. The thing is... sometimes she's clingy when she feels bad... so Im like.. should I worry or is she just loving on me.

Can you tell Im a worry wort?
How can I show you guys a picture of her?
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Glad to hear Bling Bling is doing better. You are in good company as a worrier, most of us are!

To post a picture you can load the picture to a photo hosting site such as photbucket or flickr and then copy the link and paste it her, and the picture will show.

Make sure it's not too big.

Another way is to find "Manage attachments" below the reply box, click on that, click on browse, and load a picture from your computer.
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