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Oct 8th my Vet gave me Epi-Otic Advanced cleanser and Baytril Otic to treat my cat's right ear infection on a daily basis for 10-14 days. Its been a real challenge to get the 5mins to hold him still and fold back the ear. The cleanser turns my cats ear red right away, or just me lightly cleaning it does. Two hours later I see some dark spots in there again but the degree of it seems less, the ear seems quite dry for the most part, maybe even abit peel like just outside the ear but I think that was him scratching abit .
My concern now is I noticed some red coloring on the q-tip an hour ago. I cant see the spot as it was just under a little knob in the ear. Is a little blood usual with infections? I dont think I went in to any spot you would call deep. I wonder if I should hold off for a whole day until my vet is in on Thursday encase the treatment is too much activity for the ear at moment? Anyone have much experience with ear infections?