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Home Deworming & Fleas

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I just read the threads on here about the above & it doesn't sound too promising... any ideas on how to get this done on the cheap on our garage cats (a Mom & (3) 5 mo old kittens)?
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The only way to do it properly is with Revolution or another vet-prescribed medication. I THINK there is another one called AdvantagePlus. ???? Revolution treats fleas, ticks, AND internal parasites. It is a liquid you squeeze onto the SKIN of a cat between the shoulder blades (spread the hair or it just rolls off) once a month. It's quick and easy to do - and it is effective. But it's not cheap.

Maybe google it - see if you can find it cheaper - and just get the scrip from your vet? Or ask the vet if they know anywhere that sells it for a discount to people caring for strays? Maybe call a couple of shelters to ask about it?
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I agree with the above. Revolution (it's called stronghold if you like in the UK) or Advantage multi are the way to go.

never ever use OTC products for flea or worm treatments on cats. They can be deadly and there is no savings because the vet bills will can be high. topic, but if those kittens are of both sexes, you had better get them (and the mother) spayed and neutered very soon, or you will have more kittens!

(I'd go for the spays first)

Hurray for you for caring for these cats.
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He's already had them spayed/neutered.
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But Dave - I hate to say it - if that Tom is being approachable while eating, I'd consider treating him too - especially if he's still coming into the garage.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
He's already had them spayed/neutered.

thanks for the info
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I know I know Laurie... I'm just dragging my feet & I know he's gonna freak in the trap... I am going to try to get fired up & get him done... I also just had to spend a bundle on a major property drainage issue that was flooding us out so the pocket book is a lil strapped... thank you too Otto!

I like the idea that it does both... can I get away with not doing this in your guys opinion for garage cats?
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Are there litter boxes in there? Does anyone use one? If so, take one fecal sample into the vet to have them take a look for internal parasites. If there's no sign of them in there, I'd assume none of them have them and certainly during this season I wouldn't worry about fleas or ticks either.

If there are internal parasites in the fecal sample, then I would assume all of them have the problem. I don't think there's a topical that treats only internal parasites (meaning something that would be cheaper). Of course - depending upon the type of internal parasite (if any) - how do you feel about giving them meds?

If they have tape worm, it's one pill. One dose and that's it (if I'm remembering correctly). If it's round worm, then it depends. You can try the same pill - but some round worm is resistant. Most vets prescribe a liquid that has to be given once or twice a day for 10 days. The issue with round worm is that on top of that you have to treat again after three weeks, because the poison only kills the adult, so you have to wait for the eggs (if there are adults in there, there are eggs) to mature, then kill them.

But to treat internal parasites only would be cheaper... but more difficult. !!! (The topical is obviously very convenient compared to the alternatve). If they have worms - they really should be treated.

That said.... if they're putting on winter weight and you can tell they are? Then it isn't a bad problem and probably wouldn't hurt to wait until Spring. Internal parasites are really the biggest problem for kittens. Not that anyone is OK with their cats having worms...

...and I was talking about treating the tom with the same meds you'd use on the garage cats. But there is a big reason to get him neutered - you do NOT want him to start spraying around your house - especially not in your garage. Him being older, if he starts, it's something he may not stop even once neutered. And that is a nightmare, really. Un-neutered male cat pee is SO strong smelling and a nightmare to get rid of. Couple of (potential) nightmares there.... (He'll also get a lot nicer once he's neutered! ).
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