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Why does he do this??

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Harley just confuses me. He's one of my 3 that is allowed to go outside but he stays around the house (we live at the end of a dirt road and traffic...is, well...just us!). He only goes outside during the day when I'm home and spend most of his time being lazy in the sun. But, after a few hours he will paw at the storm door to be let in. Once in, he walks straight to his litterbox (that I just cleaned!), uses it, and wants back outside. No stopping at the food dish and he does have water outside. What I want to know is WHY???? He has the entire 5 acres to use as his litter box! And, how does he know that I just cleaned it?? It never fails....
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He does it because he can. Their powers are scarey sometimes!
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Every day when I clean out the box, I just step back and wait as 5 kitties come and one by one make their deposits. Then I clean it out again. I don't understand it either. I guess it's like going to a truck stop restroom... are you going to use the stall that still has evidence of the last occupant, or go to the one that's still got the lid up from being cleaned?
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Buddy, Ashley and Ni do the same thing. They watch me scoop all the 8 litter boxes, wait till I throw away the "stuff" and then go toilet in the boxes. My cats go outside and I scoop once a day. So do they "hold" it for the litter boxes???
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