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Happiness is...

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Happiness is...

...the steam sanitizing setting on a portable dishwasher.

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Such a look of bliss!

Gonna feel really good tomorrow with all the cold rain our areas are supposed to get.
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One blissed out kitty!
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Aw, she looks blissed out, Mike. Happy kitteh is happy.
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That's one happy kitty!!!
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That's adorable. Like a patchwork quilt kitty.
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awww very adorable.
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One cannot get more comfortable than that!
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Definitely one of those times, caught on camera, where I wish so much I was a cat. To be able to get that comfortable, that relaxed, in complete and total bliss...ah...I just don't think that "evolved" humans can possibly duplicate that.
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That's wonderful idea on hot days! Coolness and little vibration is too good!
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