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We have a kitty at the shelter with this condition. I just took her to the eye specalist yesterday. We are a bit shocked as we all thought it was the condition where the eye lid is too large, but it is actually almost opisite. Her upper eyelids on both eyes did not develop. In addition, she has an optic nerve deformity in her left eye and as a result is blind in that eye. The vet said this condition is often accompanied by other such demofities to the inside of the eye. So we have a couple of choices and i was just wondering if anyone had experience with this condition. She is a great cat & we are just trying to make the best decision possible for her. Our 2 choices at this point are to freeze the hairs off both eyes. Sometimes this needs to be repeated, or to freeze the hair off the right eye and remove the left eye. It is a matter of comfort for her at this point. There is nothing we can do to help her see better, but making her comfortable would greatly improve her life.