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winnie & minnie are home

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I brought them home on Friday night -- they are confined to their own bedroom right now, til they get over their upper respiratory infections. I had an appt. tomorrow, but ended up going to one of those 24 hour animal hospitals, since Minnie seemed to be doing a little worse than last night. They are on amoxicillin. Tonight they will get their second dose -- I already see an improvement in them already... drinking and eating a lot more than yesterday.
They are both female bengals -- Winnie is a dark marble, born in March, and Minnie is a snow marble born in February.
the other 5 are stayin in our bedroom during the day, but the 3 benals (gizmo, scooter and tigger) have looked in thru the gate when the door is open. Curiosity is getting to them, but we arenot rushing it with them. Cinnamon and Fluffy are going to have to take their slow @$$ time, too.
They are a handful to playwith, lol.
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Busted! I was wondering if you got two! LOL! I saw the pics and could hardly resist the pictures, let alone to be in the same room with them! I'd HAVE to take at least one home..... LOL! I DEMAND pics! LMBO! Pretty please!!????????
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Congratulations on bringing home your new Bengal Babies
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Congrats on the new babies. I hope both of them get to feeling better real soon.

Pictures when you get the chance please. I just recently have been introduced to the breed and I think they are georgous. Now if I can only talk the Hubby into me getting one of them
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