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Red Eye

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I came home Saturday night to find my old girl Tess (13 years) with one red eye which is slowly clearing but still slightly visible. The same happened last month and took about four days to clear.

There is no swelling to the eye lids or any discharge and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. At first I thought she must have scratched it on something but to have done this twice, to the same eye, and in a short space of time seems a bit of a coincidence.

I'm probably just being an over protective mum as always but wondered if anybody else has experienced this problem or has any advice?

If it happens again I'm definately running straight to the vets.

Thanks for reading.
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Hm, shes 13 so if it were herpes surely it would have manifested itself before now? But that would be my main concern and thing I would want ruled out.

I do have one cat that can't have clay litters anymore. He had his eyes swell up and turn red. Both times the swelling only lasted around 3-5 hours and then all signs of it were gone. It seemed to happen suddenly after a tub of litter recently used was a bit more dusty than usual. He hasn't had it since I changed litter.

Your kitty could very well be sensitive to something in her home as well. Litter, dust, anything you spray in the air or onto furniture (like febreeze type stuff). I'd rule try to make sure those weren't a trigger, while having her eyes checked by a vet to make sure it's not anything worse.
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