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Mam-we dont do cats. A funny true story!

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I work full time and go to college full time and live at home with my aunt. I got Houdini a week ago and he still needs lots of TLC as he is just a baby-so my aunt "babysits" him while Im gone during the day.

The 2nd day he was home I was at work when I got a frantic call from my aunt telling me that she had taken the grill off the bottom of the fridge to clean it and Houdini had snuck under the fridge! I told her to just tap her fingers on the floor and see if he would come out and call me back if he didnt come out within an hour.

So she layed down on the ground and tried to reach him but she couldnt see him. She tapped her fingers on the floor and got nothing. Then she tried moving the fridge and pulled out her back. So....

She called 911.

I can just imagine what the conversation went like but my aunt gave me the jist of it. She told them that her kitten went under the fridge and wouldnt come out and she just needed someone to come out and help her move the fridge to get him out. The operator burst out laughing and said ," Mam, we dont do cats." Then she sat on the phone and argued with the operator about sending someone to help her- out waltzes Houdini . Walked right past my aunt to his scratching post, curled up in a ball and fell asleep. She called me at work to tell me what happened and I put her on speaker phone and had all my coworkers cracking up about her calling 911 for the kitty hiding on her!

When I got home that night I kitty proofed the whole house and my aunt swears she's never cleaning the grill on the fridge again!!!
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Houdini is the perfect name
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Just another example of why it is important to pick a cats name carefully.

That's a great story & I needed a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.
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That is exactly how he got his name!! I was calling him Sigmund Freud (Freud) for short because the night I got him I was cramming for a huge Intro to Physcology exam but after the fridge fiasco he became Houdini and it fits him to him to a T! He's such a little stinker..gets into everything and gets out of everything with such finesse.

Glad I could give you guys a laugh! Stay tuned for more Houdini stories as Im sure he will be getting into more trouble soon!
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LMAO! I'm glad he came out on his own!
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