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Bought a Kindle

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Next month is my husbands birthday, so I got him one. I really wish I could have afforded the bigger one, but I'm taking him out to eat at the restaurant where I work, and plan on spending a lot. A nice bottle of wine or two and a five course meal. So I had to get him the smaller one. I'm so excited! I hope I can hold off giving it to him until the day! I'm so bad about that! The first year we were together I got him an xbox 360 and gave it to him a month and a half early!

Today is also our two month marriage anniversary.
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I've ordered one, too - the international version that'll be launched on the 19th. That's the smaller one, and you download via AT&T and its roaming partners. I can't wait to get it.

Try and hold off till his birthday!
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I really want a reader! It's been on my wish list for ages.

There is another type made by someone different that is less expensive. I've been debating with myself about which to buy and can I justify spending so much money.
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I have one of the original Kindles and love it. I especially like the wireless downloads. I can browse for books, magazines and newspapers, select something and start reading all while sitting in a comfy chair in my living room.

I'd like to see one of the big ones. I think they would be great for viewing reference books but for reading novels I would think the smaller ones would be easier to hold.
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I just received my Kindle 2 last week, just in time for a trip to Wisconsin! I LOVE IT! I have to be careful about the downloading though. It can be easy to forget that I'm using REAL money to pay for the books.
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That's such a cool gift!!! I love reading books off of my ipod touch. Saving paper AND shelf space
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