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The Squeakster and I had a wonderful time this spring and summer hanging out on the balcony. I read a book and she ate my plants.

Alas now, it has snowed, and our days on the balcony have ended...or so I thought. Unfortunately, Squeaky has gotten used to going outside with me and will meow incesantly at the door.

My question is - is it ok to go out in the snow with her for a short time? It's not very deep, and I wouldn't stay out for more than 5 minutes. I wouldn't go out if it were below 0, but when it's in the teens and 20s? Should I put her in a shirt? Make little mittens for her paws (or enlist my grandma to do that, since I can't knit, lol)?
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I would think as long as he's not out for too long he'll be fine. He might discover he doesn't like snow! Just watch for signs of frost bite.
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Snow won't hurt her nor will cold if exposure isnt too long. Boots and clothing are not going to be appreciated by the cat and are unnecessary. Also, the cat may not forgive you for playing a dirty trick on her - putting nasty white stuff on HER balcony. There is snow here too, and the barn cats are positive it iwas my doing and have been alternating from sucking up to pointedly ignoring me. When Da Lip was younger, he used to love playing in the snow a few times a winter, but he has decided he isn't going out anymore...his choice.
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Thanks. We'll try it this weekend. I'll have to replace the batteries in my camera in case any hilarity ensues
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My first cat Mitten was an indoor/outdoor cat - going out only under supervision after a fight with a neighborhood tom.

He hated rain, but he loved the snow. He played in it like a baby couger I only let him out for no more then 10 mins so his feet would not get too cold.

If your cat has a coat, no need for sweater or mittens for the feet. 5-10 mins on the balcony is fine. She may not like the snow
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I have outdoor farm cats who live in snow. They are pretty good judges of when they have been in the cold/snow too long & head for 'dry ground' once they've reached their limit.
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