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Daily Thread Tuesday Oct 13th

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Morning peeps!

Well we had an action packed Thanksgiving weekend..lots of turkey and meal stuffs!

Off to work in a bit and back to reality, but at least its a short week! Its going to be super busy today.

You all have a great day!
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Morning All!!

Frost one here this morning that's for sure. Hate these early appointments at any time of year, cold mornings do make you move faster though.

Another trip to visit the vampires at the lab, I am starting to think they now have more of my blood then I do now.

Nothing very strenous planned for the day, my energy level are nil, I may ask them to hook me up to a caffine drip.......that would be interesting considering I am hyper-sensitive to caffine.

What's the point of it being it annoying if you can't at least laugh about it.

The cats are still sleeping they took over the bed as soon as I vacated it.

Everyone have a great day
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My morning plans are ever so exciting Got physio at 9:30, then when I get home I'm giving a friend a call We usually are on the phone for a couple hours... Thank goodness for free long distance

Oh, and I have to call the vet and see if they can see Kiwi this week.

That's bout it for my exciting start of the week.

Have a good day folks.

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good morning..
It's hard to be awake
I have a long day ahead of me today and I just want to be back in bed Jake is a little too excited that it's morning...
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We're a bit warmer today with a high of ~ 70 and there is no rain in the forecast. It's still going to be cloudy and gloomy all day though. After today, it's supposed to be cold and rainy for the rest of the week.

I got in the office at 8 this morning and hopefully I can focus and get some serious work done today. I have been falling to temptation and leaving early too much lately. I managed to contact all of my committee members yesterday and it looks like I'll be able to present a proposal in early November. That means that I have to get busy and write it up. I've spent quite a while doing research, so it shouldn't take that long to write up, but it has to get cleared by the people I work for before it can be released to the University, so I need to get in in ahead of time. Also, the sooner I get the proposal written up, the sooner I can start on the big paper. It's going to be a very busy Fall and Winter.
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Hello All!!

Yes I've been MIA for a while. Too much to do before I went on vacation and know have to get caught up (still) and I've been home 10 days!

Anyhow-we had frost last night and I plant I left outside to get rained on well it froze. Oops. I still have tons more to move into basement under grow lights. perhaps tonite as nothing really good is on TV.

About 2 hours north of my house towns received up to 3" snow yesterday. It tried here but didn't stick. Where are the 60's weather that is normal for this time of year??

Anyhow prepped my casserole for tonite and will be getting ready for work in a bit.

Cats are all inside resting already-wish I could join them.

Have a good one.................
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Good Morning! DS and I slept in today. Oh it felt nice to cuddle on a cold morning. Today he has is 6 months appointment. I am a little nervous about the flu shots.

DH is coming home early. He has time to burn so he is using 1/2 a day so we don't rush to DS's appointment.

I should make the corn muffins tonight. I didn't yesterday and went for a 2 hour nap instead.
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Its RAINING!!!! It hasnt rained here in months!! Of course we'd need a ton of rain to give us enough water for crops. Plus the rain cleaned my truck is supposed to be emerald green, and the hood looked brown. I have class this morning, then the horses, im curious as to how muddy it will be there....I have a test tonight so any vibes would be great! I have studied my life away for this test and if I do not Ace it.....then something is wrong!!! Kitties arent too happy that I wont let them outside and cause I brought the dog in while I am here lol but they will get over it

Everyone have a great day!
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
Its RAINING!!!! It hasnt rained here in months!! Of course we'd need a ton of rain to give us enough water for crops. Plus the rain cleaned my truck is supposed to be emerald green, and the hood looked brown.
I know the feeling!! I haven't washed my car in ages too... dark red... looked almost striped from dew running down through the dust and dirt.

It rained here last night and I'm sad I wasn't awake to watch it! I hope it rains some more, says 50% chance today and tonight. Yeah, I never thought until moving here 2 years ago that I'd get so excited to see rain.

Our 'Thanksgiving dinner' last night was really good even though I got a late start on it, and tonight BF is going to make some sort of soup, I think he mentioned potato leek, but I'm not sure. Looking forward to it in any case.

I guess it'll be a boring slow day for me at work, boss is out of town at a meeting again and I got done with a big filing project yesterday so I don't have much to do. Makes for a long day. ugh. I will try to keep busy though.

Have a good day everyone!
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