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Well... I'm here because I want your good vibes, as many as can be spared. Sofie, my soon to be 13 year old dog has been diagnosed with cancer in her nose. Normal treatment is radiation but I don't have that kind of $$ and even if I did I doubt I would put a geriatric dog through that much sedation, no less a young dog through that, afterall you're just prolonging the inevitable. I am however trying chemo [doxorubricin, carboplatin, and oral piroxicam] to see if it reduces the tumors size. It hasn't erupted out of the nasal cavity so our only guage is how much she sneezes.

Some back story... back in June she had been sneezing for months and months. I cultured her nose and it came back as MRSA. We treated her with amikacin for 14 days, recultured and it was cured. The sneezing went away. Well then it came back. I had her nose flushed to see if it would help and on exam the doctor saw a growth inside. He managed to biopsy some of it, and also flush a huge chunk out. We sent it into the lab and it came back as Sinonasal Carcinoma.

I've had Sofie since she was 6mos old, I was like 8 when we got her for free out of the paper already spayed and had her first shots. She's been an awesome dog, I had just always hoped her back would fail or something and that I wouldn't have to make 'the decision' based on something I couldn't see :/

So any good vibes to be offered I'd appreciate them!!!!!!

Sofie & I. She is really thrilled by the whole ordeal :p

Sofie & Napolean snoozing.

Sofie & My other dog Seth Snoozing