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Once Upon a Feral

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Just sort of me sharing how proud I am today. I have a poodle that is three years old now, last fall we started caring for a few feral kittens. They were so wild that they wouldn't come within five feet of us without being scared out of their minds, but over the year we worked with them, got them healthy, and began the difficult task of socializing the babies.

This year I realize how far they have actually come. I can't actually keep them indoors right now because of my father in law's allergies, but I've been working with them and they are ready for new homes at last, I think. I had my window open and I looked over and they'd invited themselves in, all four of them!!!!! It isn't unusual really, lately, for them to sneak in and lounge around my room if the window is open, but as I watched them spread out on the floor today, I couldn't help but be proud.

Salem, FeFe, Bagheera, and Binxie have really grown up. Now they are beautiful as can be an fat little things. I watched them paw at my poodle playfully and brush against him in affection. I was stretched out on my bed myself, and I looked up just as Bagheera crawled right onto my chest and kissed my face. I can't really begin to explain how it moved me to tears to suddenly realize that these kittens that might not have had a chance otherwise, that might not have known what it is to love a human, have grown into cats that share a special bond with me, and even more amazingly my dog, whom they treat like one of them. They've become cats that aren't afraid to crawl into my lap and tell me that I'm spending too much time on other things, cats that aren't nervous at all about my scratching behind their ears. They've become real family members, and I'm just so pleased that I was able to be special in their lives.

Just thought I'd share my sudden realization that I've succeeded in what I set out to do with them. Just wanted to spread the joy, I think.
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Thank you for that story!! You just bought a huge grin across my face. You have all the right to celebrate your success!!

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