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Rosalie pics!

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I hope it's ok to post these here, I'm not sure where they're supposed to go. She's now 11 weeks old (as of yesterday, born July 26) and she's a major sweetheart! Since DH got home from training she's been absolutely inlove with him and all about cuddling with him. Here's some pics from a few weeks ago (sorry, they're crappy cell pics, having an issue with my camera and laptop)

This was less than 2 weeks ago, playing with Sierra (our former foster)

taking a nap

another nap shot, lol

these I took the on Wed

some more napping, lol
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How precious!!!!!!! What a beautiful baby!!
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awww she's darling!
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Rosalie - cute name, cute cat!
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Just too precious for words!
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Cutie. Nice markings.
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What a cutie .
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