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male & female aggressive suddenly

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Hi there
ive just come back to Oz with my 3 cats (2 males 1 female, all 3)

suddenly one of my males and the female are having issues, he chases her...most of the time its how he plays cos he does it to his brother too....anyway she gets all hissy and spitty and has started hiding under the bed and doesnt really come out if he is there and i am not around

sometimes he comes close, he is just passing her or just doing nothing more than sitting looking in her general direction and she hisses then he decides he will chase her!!!

i dont know what is the issue....she was in quarantine alone in one cage and the boys were together in another but saying that these two have never been that friendly since about the past year and i dont know whats changed or what i can do to make them be ok with one another

i dont like having her so scared of him (even when he isnt being silly!) and i find it unusual as she is a very ballsy cat and isnt frightened of anything usually

help please what can i do to make them friends again
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Your cats have been through a lot, A LOT! All that moving, rabies shots, 4 weeks of quarantine......extremely stressful situations for any cat, animal, or human! You need to start over, separate them as you would introducing new cats to a new home and to each other. It may take a while since there has already been aggression and distress.
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i am unable to do so at the mo as i am living with my mum in law and since she has a cat and a dog my 3 cats are restricted to our room along with a large closed verandah

once we get our own place i will seperate these two and re-introduce them , however this behaviour began before all this move etc took place, it wasnt so bad but it was definatly there, i just have no idea what triggered it as all 3 have grown up together and have never had any issues whatsoever
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Hi, sorry they are not getting along. It is said that when there is a behavior change it is often due to a health issue. Have you talked to a vet about when the behavior started and gotten her a physical exam with blood tests? That might be something to consider.

My thought after a vet check and until you can get your own place would be to get a kennel large enough for a bed, litter, and food. Put one of them in the kennel with a blanket over part. It might help to put the kennel up higher on a table or something off the floor. That way they can be safe. Trade out the two with issues. Let one be in part of the time then switch.

Sorry, that's all I can think of and not sure if that will be appropriate for your situation. Maybe others will offer more suggestions. Best of luck to you.
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they have all had tests and checks as they had to before we came back to Australia from Bahrain as you know how strict they are here plus they spent 30 days in quarantine in Sydney where they were checked every week so there are no health issues.

I am at work all day but there are places on the verandah Cleo can get into and be away from Tigger.

MOst of the time i think he is just being playful but her hissing and aggressive stance make him eventually pounce her ... he is now getting to the point he doesnt come on the bed at night unless i put him between our pillows (his sleeping place) because if she is on the bed (by my feet) and he comes within sight of her she just continuously growls till (8 out of 10 times) he just goes elsewhere

hopefully by nxt week we will have our own place then i will find a vet nearby and go and speak to them if i see this behaviour continues to happen even when she (and he) have a whole house to run about in

i think he has too much energy and his way of play is chase and catch and she doesnt get it and has reacted badly

thanks for all the suggestions and ideas
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