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George has just been full of surprises and whatnot of late. Now, he'll use his litterbox, then go into the kitchen and "bury" his food!! The dishes (food and water) are on a kitty placemat, on a throw rug. He will flip up the corner of the placemat - which is made of a heavy duty plastic - until he's statisfied that he's done what he's suppose to do (whatever that is!!). And he does this at all hours of the night. If I can catch him in the act he just gives me a look like "what??" I can't imagine what he'll come up with next!
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Yea, my guys do the same thing. I think it is instinct. Trying to hide it from their other house mates. Goofy!
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It's just so funny. There are two litterboxes - neither near the food dishes. He uses the litterbox (buries his 'stuff') and then walks into the kitchen and tries to bury the food! He's such a character anyway, nothing surprises me any more
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Ginger is our burier of the house. She will spend 5 minutes burying in the litterbox (mainly scraping the sides of the cover!); she covers any oop from any kitty (that's what we call throw-up), and yes, she tries to cover the food too.

She doesn't have any specific order though, just whatever she happens to sniff. George is one silly kitty!
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LOL! I've never seen a cat do that before.
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Monster buries everything, too. He is very obsessive of how things are covered in the litterbox, he even scratches the wall behind litterbox. Sometimes, I catch him trying to cover the food doshes.. Even if there is nothing in them! I've caught him covering throw up that I had just found.. I think its funny.
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