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Our little ALIEN......Firecracker

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The reason I've wanted one of these little guys in the first place, is because they look so different. I've always thought they looked like small annoyed aliens. He has the smallest paws. They are slightly bigger than a nickle, but not much, but the toes are long when stretched out, adding to the alien look.

He's as sweet as can be and he's only known us for 3 days and 2 of those were in a showhall. We're really pleased with our bug eyed vistor from outer space.

A few pics:

uh-oh Rosie maybe have some competition

Gotta scent mark my new peeps

Hmmm, I might like this new place

Fresh air privileges, this rocks!

Are you my new Daddy?
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He looks so calm.

What a gorgeous cat
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AWWWW and AWWWWW again - not that I'm biased or anything, but what a gorgeous bug-eyed little alien

I have some bug-eyed photos like that too!

His face is so like Lily's but his body-shape and tail length is so like Tolly. He is gorgeous. I fell in love with their teeny little paws and beautiful long, graceful ballerina like legs.

Welcome to TCS Firecracker. He's such a handsome little guy.

Tolly had that same, wide-eyed expression when he first arrived, it went in no time. He looks super-loving - you're going to love having him around!
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Yaaay more pictures What an absolutely gorgeous kitty.
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Finally -- he's home!

He is beautiful!
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What a cutie he is!
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I would love to see a pic of him next to Runner.

Oh, what does Firecracker think of "Ruby/Reuben"?
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Those EYES!!!!!!!!
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That last pic is just hilarious, those eyes!
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Firecracker seems to be an appropriate name for the little man! He's a gorgeous boy, Nial. If he hasn't gotten overwhelmed by Bengal energy, he's probably already figured out that he's won the kitty-cat lottery by coming home with you and Teri!
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I still haven't seen a Singapura in real life, but fell in love with some photos in Cat Fancy and some other cat books - but your little guy beats them all. Gorgeous!
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He is absolutely beautiful, keep posting pics please!!
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