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Show Results/ Firecracker

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Decent show for this club's first show. The show hall was nice but a little cramped when the spectators started coming in.

Secret Agent Man, aka Hobbes was a loud grump, but inspite of that he did well earning Champion and getting half way to Grand. He got three finals, All Breed Best Alter, All Breed 5th Best Alter and Specialty 3rd Best Alter.

He now has the points to Grand, but needs 3 more finals.

Full Metal Jacket, aka Jack won 1st in his division in 5 of ten rings and got
2nd of breed in one ring, 3rd of breed in two rings. No finals.

Firecracker was entered but we didn't show him as he had scratched two new wounds into his neck. He must have a food allergy or something.
Anyway, he's home with us now and we'll get to the bottom of what is making him feel itchy enough to scratch it raw.
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Congrats to Hobbes an Jack. Hope that firecracker feels better.
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Congrats on the wins.
Sorry Firecracker had more scratches and was not shown.
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Poor Firecracker. You'll fix him up!

Jack did pretty well, sounds like, and that's fantastic that Hobbes finalled
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Congrats and hope Cracker is in top shape the next time around. Poor Nial - waited so long for this boy and have these things happen!
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Congratulations to Hobbes and Jack. It sounds like you have some detective work in front of you for Firecracker which should be exciting. When you finally figure it out (and you will!) it will seem so simple and logical. With a cat name Firecracker, one would never expect to be bored!
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Congratulations, Nial.

That is great. I hope Firecracker heals soon.
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I was telling Nial at the cat show that Luna has the same problem. Vet thinks it's allergies, but her skin has gotten really bad again. I will have to take her to the vet again soon, I'm afraid.
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Poor Firecracker, hope he gets better soon.

Congrats on the show results
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