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Very bad day/ but I have had worse

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First off I am fuctioning on very little sleep...every Sunday I have to be to work at 5 a.m, and my once every 6 years of contact dad kept calling from midnight till 3 a.m leaving messages for me to talk to him, he is mourning his wifes death a week ago today which was Fathers Day, he lost his brother 2 years ago on Fathers Day. He had no funds to bury her, the state came in and took away his 18 cats and 13 dogs, he has cataracts and can`t see...the list goes on. I have talked to him and will, but at a reasonable hour! Then I come home and get on the computer and some man joined my womens only group and posted porn and I lost alot of members, and I work so hard to keep it clean, but was at work all day and could not ban and delete him any sooner! From here the rest of the evening has got to be smooth sailing, and I am off tomorrow and can sleep past 5 a.m. Thanks for letting me vent. Linda
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I hope you and him will be OK. It's OK to vent...we are all here for you *hugs* sending prayers and happy vibes to you both
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Oh, that just sucks Linda. I'm sorry you had such a bad day.

We've had trolls come in here and post porn too. It happens to every nice board, unfortunately. Now that school is out, I'm sure there will be more trolls than usual finding nice boards to try to wreak havok on. That's why Anne chose a Mods with very different schedules. Most of the time there is someone around when these jerks show up. I'm sorry it happened on your board, and that you lost members because of it. You would think that people would understand that some things you just can't control!
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Yuck Linda! Sorry that messed up your day! One of my boards is going through a fuss over one of the members being banned, and he was harrassing female members! So even the less, ummmm, 'polite' boards have their trolls and jerks too. Maybe you can send out a mass e-mail explaining what happened? As for your dad... being a good daughter only goes so far... turn that ringer off and get some rest!
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Thanks for the kind words, you are a great group! I did some problem solving. In my group I changed settings so new members posts have to be approved, a bit more work for me, but it will help the situation. As far as the dad situation, I just spoke to him and told him I would be more than happy to speak to him during normal hours because of my work schedule, and he was real agreeable. And good greif, he had 18 cats and 13 dogs and could not beleive the county took away all but 1 dog, and he chuckled and said there is still 2 cats around that were smart enough to hide! He just could not care properly for all those pets. Linda
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I´m sorry you had such a day! I hope it will all turn around tomorrow. (((HUG)))
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Sorry to hear that you had such a crummy day! Hope tomorrow is a better one for you!
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Bummer! I sure hope that your day is better tomorrow.
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