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Since being neutered...

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...Hercules has started gradually going from solitary kitty who doesnt care if anyone is around to actually coming around for attention and all weekend and most of last week he has slept in bed with me and BF. I was wondering if this is because of him being fixed. Not that I mind because now I can carry him around and lovey him up more and more than I used to. Even as a kitten he wouldnt come out and play or anything like that he just slept and would lay on the couch next to BF but not on you. I have also noticed he has become less vocal in the sense of yowling or meowing but he still does his little playful trills and chirps! Do you think this is because of him being neutered and all those crazy hormones are leveling off?
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The EXACT same thing happened with my friends cat. He was 6 yrs old when he got neutered (I convinced him) He went from a thin, not caring too much for attention, yeowling and crying at night a filled-out, quiet, and more loving boy. My friend and him are both so happy now. Im sure your kitty is much happier now not thinking about the ladies 24/7
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Well let me tell ya..Im pleased with the change in my kitty. He is playful (not rough anymore) granted he still chases Fatman around like crazy but instead of it becoming a yowling fight its just playful almost yip like sounds coming out of Herc. He even plays with GiGi more often and is just being ever soooo lovey dovey. **Ohhh and update on the whole incision thing from those who read my other post about his belly...It has completely healed over and he is just fine and dandy in that area...Also another change Ive noticed in him since getting fixed I havent had to give him Benebac at all his poop is normal without it now..GiGi is still on Benebac though so Im wondering if when I get her fixed if that will change too**
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The stool issue I don't know about... but the behavior changes you're seeing in Hercules are part of the reason all the literature, research - and experience - says that neutered cats and dogs make better pets!

You are exactly right - he's calming down without those raging hormones!
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Well Im passing on my millions of thank yous LDG if it wasnt for you pointing me in the direction of SNAP of PA I probably would still be trying to figure out how to get him fixed and GiGi would probably be knocked THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to post some new pics from the other day of him doing his sexy kitty pose on the kitchen table!! lol.. I adore how happy and lovey he is right now hes like a different cat and the kind of cat I hoped he would be well except for his jumping claws out into my arms so Ill carry him
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So next you're going to have to work on trimming those claws!

....and you had to do the driving. It's not like the clinic was next door.
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He does get his claws trimmed mostly because he does have 4 that grow really curved and if left unattended will grow into the pad on his foot..But they are still pretty sharp..LOL...He just loves his meowmy to pieces. All this morning before I left he was carried around the house purring like a motor boat and he has never been one to purr loudly, he sounded like a mac truck rumbling down a high way!! It was so adorable!
**It only took us an hour to get there and a quarter tank of gas to get down there and back so it wasnt too bad of a drive and we were right by the Calisle Parkway so there was plenty to do while we were waiting for him to get done**
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