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Hey Everyone

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Has anybody here ever tried this
with their kitty/cat?
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Somehow I think I would end up with battle scars if I tried to put my cats on my head like that picture!
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Yes, I would think I would need medecal attention after doing this frog position with a cat on my head 26-52 times, like the instructions were!!!
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chalk me up for battle scars also! LOL! I'd never try that with any of my kitties! I know better! LOL!
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I would also need medical attention if I tried that with Spike.
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I can do that pose with Toes. LOL But I wouldn't dare with Tailer.

Now Tailer likes the cat massage therapy. She was passed out by the time I finished it.
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Hey, I still need both of my eyes, thanks.
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oh my.. my old cat woulda done that, but I think roxy would start scratching once I lifted him to my shoulders..
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